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Simple (?) Gear VR controller question

Level 2
First time posting here or anywhere so if im violating some rules please let me know!
I am using a Samsung galaxy note 8 with gear VR programming on the most recent version of Unity.

I would like to write a script that would basically determine if the angle of the gear VR controller is over or under a certain quantity on the X, Y or Z axis, then something happens.  I looked up some strategies and got terribly overwhelmed with Quaternions and I was wondering if I was overcomplicating this and there was an easy commonly used solution for this problem?

Absolutely any input or resources would be fantastic, sorry for the overly simple and probably-answered-before question,


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I'm not sure if there is a simple way, but you can check the camera angle against different Euler's transforms - , I'll try to find some better sample code

Level 2
Ill give that a try later today! Thanks!!