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Stuttering in Videoplayback

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after the normal Support gave up about helping with this issue, I am now here.
I know that deprecation is active, but in my application I deploy just local and dont need the store.

I created a animation in Unity and exported the Video as MP4 30fps H265 4k. I use this in my main application as Skybox, to save a lot of rendering.
Replay happens with Unity Integration v15.0 in Unity 2019.2.19f1.

But when I replay the Video I get a lot of "ghosting" and stuttering in the Video. When I pause the video all effects dissapear and I get a clean image of the video.
I found out that it happens exactly the same way in the Oculus Gallery and it seems to be an problem in the main video rendering engine.

Has anybody an idea how to change the videofile, that the effects dissapear?

I uploaded a short clip of the video to Dropbox. But this Forum doesn't allow me to post the link, i will try editing the post and inserting it.
(360° Over-Under) (The effect is easily visable on the paddle wheels to the side) The effects should be visible by just playing in the Oculus Gallery.

Thank you.
Best regards,


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htt ps://
I made a space in the https so the forums dont register this as an link