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Testing Matchmaking for Oculus Go

Honored Guest

I am developing a multiplayer game for the Oculus Go using Unity v2019.1.5f1, Oculus Utilities v1.37.0, OVRPlugin v1.37.0 and SDK v1.38.0.

I have built a signed apk that I also uploaded to the Oculus store (Alpha channel). I have also set up a Matchmaking Pool in my dashboard. The Entitlement works on the Go just fine. I am able to start the app on my Go and also to enqueue the player in the room.

Now I want to enqueue another player. How do I do that? Only option is to use my Unity editor if I am correct.

If I do not use the standalone platform feature in the Oculus editor settings, the entitlement check fails. One thing I do not understand because the tooltip in the settings say that the editor will use the user from the local Oculus application. And that user is apparently entitled to use my game because the Go takes the same user.

So if I check "Use Standalone Platform", the game starts without entitlement errors. I am also able to call Matchmaking.Enqueue2(POOL) without errors but my callback function for OnComplete never gets called. Why does Enqueue() never complete? Is it because I use the standalone option which does not connect to the pool which I set up?

Any tips are appreciated! Thanks!

Honored Guest
Update: Before writing this post, I had been using a test user for the Unity standalone mode. After I used my developer account (same for the Go), I got the OnComplete() callback. So that's a step in the right direction.

However, I still can't join the two instances in one room...