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Unity: Load stereo skybox runtime

Honored Guest
I know how to create scene with stereo skybox in editor. I add OVRCameraRig to scene and add Skybox component to left and right EyeAnchor.
But now I want to load textures and create stereo skybox in runtime c# script.

I know how to load textures and create material. I think I know )))
Please learn me how to get OVRCameraRig object and set left and right skybox programmatically.

I am totally newbe ((((

Honored Guest

To best help assist you, could you provide the versions of Oculus software and Unity you are using?

Thank for response. I use  Unity 5.4.5 and ovr sdk mobile 1.7.0

I try to use OVRCameraRig instance
OVRCameraRig camera = (OVRCameraRig)GameObject.Find("OVRCameraRig").GetComponent<OVRCameraRig>();
Is it right?

And I want to change skybox component for left and right eye anchors. But I don't know how exactly.