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Unity + Oculus Go - Vision Mismatch / Double vision / Misaligned cameras

Level 2

I have been trying to get the tutorial project (ball in box) working on my oculus go, but can't seem to get the vision to display correctly. I am seeing both eyes in different places (kind of like having one eyeball removed but still able to see through both).
I am using Unity 2017.1.1f1 and have tried a few things so far:

1 - Not using any plugins, just the default Unity Oculus Go stuff: Enable VR on player, no VR SDK set.
2 - Not using any plugins, just the default Unity Oculus Go stuff: Enable VR on player, add Oculus to the VR SDK.
3 - Including the Oculus asset pack and replacing the default camera with OVRPlayerController
4 - Downloading and running examples from Oculus (in a new Unity project).

These all result in the same strange view. The left eye seems to see the right side and the right eye sees the left. So, for example, the Unity Logo appears with its Lefts side in the far right of the view. And the right side in the far left of the view.
When the scene loads it is either the same (or with some fiddling) showing the correct eye views in the wrong place.

Has anyone else dealt with this?

Level 2
Hi, I've got a similar issue, did you guys get to the bottom of this?

Level 2
Has anyone faced this same issue in 2020??
Downloaded Latest Oculus Integration for Unity, opened one of the sample scenes (room one) and eyes are simply misaligned. But I mean a lot. Also, rotating the device does not move the camera rig. Anyone?

Level 3
On Quest... I've got this issue in 2019.3.3 and URP. Just started new project, enable Oculus in XR Plugin Settings. Integrated Oculus Plugin v13, pulled in OVRCameraRig. Hit Build... one eye is not tracking correctly (right one is off).