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Unity Oculus Integration asset and Oculus Go problem

Honored Guest
Hi all, I'm trying to use the Oculus Integration assets to create an app for the Go for a client, but some scripts or libraries in the VR folder of the assets make any build display the Device Update in Progress dialog. The Go itself had been left for something like 3 days to try and eliminate an actual update in progress. Does anyone know what is at fault and how to fix it, or alternatively, are there any alternative prefabs built that directly use the XR subsystems without relying on the Oculus Integration assets, or at least, any pointers on translating the input tracking for the controller correctly.

Honored Guest
Nevermind, I downloaded version 19.1 of the integration package and that works fine.

Oculus Go has been deprecated for Oculus Integration since v19.1.
Deprecated Oculus Go support. To develop apps for Oculus Go, use Oculus Integration v18.0 or prior. You can retrieve any prior versions of the Oculus Integration package from the Unity Integration Archive page.