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Volume control on Gear

Honored Guest
I am using the standard Oculus Utilities (version 1.7.0) and I used the Universal Menu script on the camera rig. However, I don't know how to add the volume control that is standard in the Oculus Home. If someone can help it would be really great. 

Heroic Explorer
On Gear VR you don't have to add it, it's handled by the run time.

It might actually only be handled IF you are using the OVR camera prefab in Unity3d provided in Oculus Utilities. I am using the latest version of Unity3d and am using their native 3D support, which seems to need the developer to handle the volume implementation when using the standard camera.

I added the volume control prefab to my standard camera. I had to make some small tweaks to get it running if I recall.

Rising Star
It should work with native Unity VR without having to add the volume control prefab. But you need to be using I think the 1.6 OVR utilities.

Works for me after upgrading to Unity 5.4.0f3. I'm not using any Oculus prefabs. I have a few scripts pulled in from Oculus Utilities but no prefabs and volume control seems to work fine with no special sauce. The Universal menu and Oculus confirm quit also work without any prefabs or assets (except a few scripts).