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Why is Go build from Unity only rendering in left eye?

The exe standalone build renders in both eyes on the Rift. 

I inherited this project and there are scripts from at least three developers, using OVR, curved UI, and timed gaze input. It’s hard to disentangle.

The reticle is visible in the Unity editor, but not in the Go build. I finally got everything to work with gaze on Go whether reticle is visible or not, but it’s only rendering in one eye. 

The project is on Unity 2019.2, which may be the problem. I might have to remake it; any suggestions for the optimal Unity version and Oculus utilities combo that people have found to work?  

All help much appreciated!

Honored Guest
It happened to me. Switched to "Single Pass" in XR Settings -> Stereo Rendering Mode. It Fixed this issue.

Thanks for answering. The apk I built with single threading selected fails to sideload on the Go.  I’ll try again & let you know.