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Workaround for Go / Unity performance bug?

Hello, I'm wondering about a bug caused by pressing the Oculus Go home button, then returning to my experience. Sometimes, but not every time, it seems to lock the app into a very low framerate (approx 15fps), and sometimes, but not every time, repeating this process fixes it. I believe this is what is being referenced by this "known issue" in the oculus integration for unity page:

"A known bug in Unity causes a deterioration of performance in mobile
applications when the back button is used to enter the Universal Menu
and then to return to the application. It particularly affects
applications that use multi-threading or which have high CPU
utilization, and S7 (Europe) and S8 (global) phones. This bug is fixed
in Unity versions 2017.3.0b9 , 2017.2.0p3, 2017.1.2p4, and 5.6.4p2."

Has there been any other blog post, forum discussion, or really anything discussing this issue? It is inconsistent and unacceptable UX that we seemingly have no control over. We have tried reimporting the project into each of the referenced Unity versions, but the bug is NOT fixed there (except maybe 5.6.4p2, which we cannot revert back to). While waiting for Unity installs, long reimports, and builds, I've googled every version of this question and come up with basically zero references. But I can't imagine that there are so few Oculus Go devs using Unity... has anyone been able to overcome this issue? Does anyone know what this issue is even caused by?

Thanks for any help you can provide!