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Opening store page in Oculus app from link

Hi,Does anyone know if it's possible to open a store page in the Oculus Android app from a link/website? The idea is a link in an email will lead to the page so it can be installed on the Oculus Go. Linking to the webpage is no problem, but you can o...

Resolved! APK size limit

I so far have not seen a definitive answer on the size limit of an APK for Gear VR. I've seen some people say 500MB, but there are definitely some apps in the store with a download larger than that. I'm asking because my app is around 1.5GB and I'm n...

ffleming by Explorer
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Send URL to open in browser via Bluetooth

I've discovered that I can't run my background server as an app and run the webapp in the browser at the same time.. boo. This will be fixed longer term when Exokit is ready, however I'm trying to come up with a solution in the meantime. I now want t...

ben_knill by Honored Guest
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Oculus Go controller touchpad issues (discussion)

Related bug report can be found here: https://developer.oculus.com/bugs/bug/470815390013567/The touchpad on the Oculus Go Controller sporadically reports significantly incorrect values for touch positions, mostly biased towards reporting a position o...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Best Practice for Mobile Skybox?

Hi there.I understand that using Unity's default skybox is a no-no for mobile VR.Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any clear direction on what the best alternative is.I am sure I have missed something somewhere... could somebody point me in the ...

Osig generator down?

I need an oculus signature file for test my vr app on my device but i notice that the link:https://dashboard.oculus.com/tools/osig-generator/doesn't work.Can I do anything to take this key from other sources? Or anyone can help me?Thank's you all!

Lollolink by Honored Guest
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Build Erro

APK Can't Be ValidatedWe found issues with the APK during validation. Please check that the APK meets the `Application Manifest Requirements` and then resubmit your app."Excluir de recientes" (android:excludeFromRecents en AndroidManifest.xml) debe e...


Loading image from Quest's sd card

Hi fellow devs,I am working on Unity 2019 with a Quest deviceI am trying to load an image from the quest's sd card to my application but I don't really know what to do.I tried an unity plug-in which is able to call the native gallery on android devic...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Casting using Mobile hotspot

I can cast using my WiFi but when I try to use the mobile Hotspot and cast to ythe ssame phone - I just get a black screen . The headset shows the red casting spot and the casting icon has the green spot - but the mobile screen is still black. Any an...

Stuttering in Videoplayback

Hi,after the normal Support gave up about helping with this issue, I am now here.I know that deprecation is active, but in my application I deploy just local and dont need the store.I created a animation in Unity and exported the Video as MP4 30fps H...

BEC-LSt by Honored Guest
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Oculus GO Promotions no more?

It looks like there aren't any more weekly sales or promotions for Oculus GO titles.Is this in fact the case?If so, that will be terrible...most of our developer income is as a result of promotions and sales.Please advise. Thanks

tasfunk by Protege
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Cannot compile/run VRCinema sample code

Hi All,I just installed Android Studio 3.6.1 / gradle 5.6.4, and the Oculus GO 1.3 SDK. I can compile and run the VRcubeworld demo, but when I try to compile the VRCinema demo, I get a compilation error in OVR_MappedFile.cpp:File = open(path, O_RDONL...

protoc0l by Honored Guest
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Help Uploading APK to Release Channel

I'm trying to upload my apk and I'm getting an error, I have no idea why. It's telling me it's the wrong format, but as far as I can tell it's not.Can anyone shed some light on the problem? Thank youFlight.apk: Incorrect file format. Please select a ...

tasfunk by Protege
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Go Controller showing -1%

My Go controller is showing -1%. I have changed the battery - but doesn't fix the problem. It does not flash the light to par with the headset. I assume the controller has died - unless someone has experienced the same and fixed it.

Signing for Oculus Go

Hello! Is it possible to update my Oculus Go app on the Oculus Home? Unity 2020.2, Oculus Integration 20.1. Manifest created with Oculus Tools.Ovr-platform-util says that "ERROR: Sign your APK and resubmit". Tried to sign apk with jarsigner: "ERROR: ...

Change platform GearVR/GO --> GO

Hello, I have a problem updating my app at the oculus store.I have an app, in the oculus store for Gear VR / GO (mobile platform).And my doubt is: can I change the platform to just GO (remove the gearvr support)?So I can update the apk only for GO.it...

android.process.media has stopped

hello, I turned on my oculus go after several a month of rest and today, when I try to access to the oculus gallery app i receive the alert Android.process.media has stopped, and the app shuts down. did it ever happened to you? do you know how to sol...