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GearVR controller button highlight

Hello, I'm developing a GearVR app using native VrAppFramework (Mobile SDK 1.16)I'm using the GearVR controller model from the VrController sampleVrController sample highlights all buttons when the user simultaneously click touch and trigger buttons ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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VRLoader error when starting app.

Hi everyone!I've been trying to port an existing GearVR app to Oculus Go, which in theory is fairly straightforward, and only required to remove certain google services from it.At its current state, the app runs fine on GearVR, but crashes on OculusG...

Open up Wifi Settings from within Application

Hello!I'm creating an application that relies on wifi connectivity and I'm trying to figure out a good solution to get the user to connect to a wifi network with the least amount of interruption. Is there any way to launch an intent to open up the oc...

Problem in oculus Go remote controller

When In try to run an application in Oculus Go, remote position changes randomly. My application interacts with objects using remote. so randomly changing position creates problem for me. Some times it goes too ahead or too behind from the object. Bu...

tpathak by Level 2
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Why do I get so many errors?

I have the Oculus Go attached to my computer with an USB cable and I have Android Studio running.As soon as device boots up and Android Studio gets to read the log, it's filled with errors. This also makes problems when debugging Unity builds as the ...

invert head tracking - how to?

Hi there, I am trying to program a behavior on the Oculus Go where the camera turns in the opposite direction from where the user is looking.Has anyone achieved this or can point out where to start?Thank you!

Any way to get body transform (on Oculus Go)?

The Oculus Go SDK, under the hood, calculates a position for the controller based on some IK model of the body, shoulder, and arm, which updates in mysterious ways. For example, if I turn my head quickly or by small amounts, the virtual arm stays put...

I was rejected by the store application but I can not understand the reason.

I was rejected by the store application but I can not understand the reason.What is pointed out by the problem? Someone please give me advice. The contents of the reject pointed out are as follows.―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――...

Oculus Go Performance Considerations

I've been working on a small game for Oculus Go off and on over the last two months or so and would like to get a small discussion / data collection / something going, on what performance related decisions others make.Some questions to get started:Do...

Slin by Level 4
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Accessibility Settings - Oculus GO

Hello, I'm creating an android accessibility service for a suite of enterprise applications using the oculus go. Are there any plans to expose the android accessibility settings page in the oculus home application or perhaps a VR-enabled version of t...