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Measuring Loudness on Gear VR

When using the Oculus Audio Loundess Meter for Gear VR, what level should I set my Windows playback device to? According to the documentation, I should set the Gear VR volume to 100% and the Windows mixer line-in level to 100%. Check and check. The p...

Measuring Loudness on Gear VR

When using the Oculus Audio Loundess Meter for Gear VR, what level should I set my Windows playback device to? According to the documentation, I should set the Gear VR volume to 100% and the Windows mixer line-in level to 100%. Check and check. The p...

Customizing appearance of Store

Hi,We're launching the Oculus Store from within a GearVR Unity app by calling Oculus.Platform.IAP.LaunchCheckoutFlow. Is there any way to customize the appearance of the Oculus Store in any way? If possible, we would like to match the design of our a...

edearl by Explorer
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Gear VR framerate on scene start

Hey guys,Ive been working on developing a shooter for gear vr, and trying to optimize as I go to avoid dissapointment, and i included a FPS counter and im steadily getting 59.5 FPS, however for the first half second or so on any app build, it starts ...

How to use Gear VR controller as dpad on android?

I am building an app using the oculus mobile sdk and want to use the gear vr controller as a dpad, meaning that I want to able to distinguish between left right up down CLICKS on the controller. I tried getting the coordinates of the clicked location...

t_sircar by Honored Guest
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Limit resolution S6 Lollipop

Hello,I'm trying to upload my app to oculus store. My app have videos with high resolution, but in my devices (S6(Nougat),S7edge) works fine. The trouble was when Oculus reviewed my app and told me that with S6 (Lollipop) it crashes and all the scree...

iralta by Honored Guest
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How to control Android permissions for Gear VR?

When starting our app, the user is prompted with the question " is requesting permission to access photos, media and files on your device. Allow?" How can we get rid of this?We have a AndroidManifest.xml in assets/Plugins/Android that DON'T have any ...

Samsung Galaxy S7 VP9 decoding capabilities

The following page of the Oculus Developer Mobile SDK documentation states the video decoding capabilities of the Gear VR compatible phones:https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/mobilesdk/latest/concepts/mobile-media-overview/#mobile-panoramic-v...

GearVR Prevent Motion Controller From Sleeping

I'm using Unity3D to develop an exhibition app for GearVR on the Galaxy S8.One issue we have ran into is that if the motion controller for the GearVR isn't used for a short period, it will go to sleep. When the controller is woken up again, the orien...

Anselm by Explorer
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Only support GearVR Controller

Hey,I was looking around for an answer, but I couldn't find a clear answer: Are we allowed to only support controllers for our games, so we don't have to implement any touchpad functionality?Thanks in advance!

Input code of back button for GearVR

Hi. I've been trying to scour the net and the included scripts in the samples but i actually have no idea on how to check if the back button in the GearVR headset specifically has been pressed. (the one on top of the touchpad not the controllers)Any ...

Lextender by Honored Guest
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Creating a custom Theater for Oculus Cinema

I've created a custom theater, exported an FBX, and used the FBX converter to convert it to a .ovrscene file.Now, I'm not sure where to put this file to be able to use the theater in the Oculus Cinema.I tried putting it in /sdcard/oculus/Theaters/ li...

Unity 5 Bug: Left Eye renders incorrectly on device

Update:Making the OVRCameraRig a top level object fixes this left eye rendering issue for me. It seems to occur if you make it a child of another game object and move that object around on device on android.Original Issue:System Info:Unity 5.0.0p2Mob...

rjmig88 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Porting rendering to SDK 1.5.0

Our game is currently on the 1.0.3 SDK using the DrawEyeView path.I’ve looked into the RENDER_MULTIVIEW approach and while I understand its purpose, I think that it’s very limiting and it would require quite a bit of refactoring.Right now our priorit...

dpasca by Honored Guest
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Debugging WebVR in samsung internet app in oculus

So, I am developing a web app by using WebVR API. But it's not easy to debug it when Samsung Internet app is inside Oculus. I've tried;- Oculus dev mode (Needs me to have an app in oculus),- Remote debugging (Oculus wont run when its on)So, is there ...

chozzz by Honored Guest
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Unity: Load stereo skybox runtime

Hi!I know how to create scene with stereo skybox in editor. I add OVRCameraRig to scene and add Skybox component to left and right EyeAnchor.But now I want to load textures and create stereo skybox in runtime c# script.I know how to load textures and...

sh0k228 by Honored Guest
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I cannot find my osig number

I want to run an app in Unity. I have followed the instructions, I put the 18digit to generate the osig but when I am trying to download the file it says error and it cannot be opened. Have tried to debug my S7 through USB but no luck. I am on a MacB...

karolste by Honored Guest
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In-App purchase

Hello,I browsed games and applications on the Gear VR store and didn't find application with in-app purchase.I also browsed documentation (technical and submission).Did I miss something, or is there no way to put in-app purchase on Gear VR applicatio...