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Oculus Home has closed unexpectedly

Hi,I'm getting "Oculus Home has closed unexpectedly". This is happening when I enter my app on the Preview Apps with GearVR on. My App is actually running without issues, if I install it from Oculus Preview Apps from mobile without the GearVR on.So a...

ki7a by Level 4
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Stereo Cube Maps Layout specs for gear VR ?

Hi guys, I am trying to find the official description on how you must layout your stereo cube maps for the gear VR.Basically i am trying to find something like this in the doc ,that describe precisly the expected layout for stereo :https://docs.unrea...

App closed unexpectedly Gear VR Samsung s6

Hello everyone!I'm new here, so do not beat much please)I put osig in Project/Assets/Plugins/Android/assets/ and I use last Unity 2017.1.0p4 for build with GradleTrying to build first time to Gear VR and when trying to open it from Oculus Home gettin...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Mobile SDK v1.7.0 has a bug in OVR_MemBuffer

It seems like a bug in OVR_MemBuffer where a buffer allocated with malloc was freed using delete [] operation.For example, on the Init, there is a call to ovr_ReadFileFromOtherApplicationPackage which allocates buffer from malloc.Then there is a call...

wlbe4 by Level 3
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Classic mobile developer need for guidance

Hi all.I'm experienced classic app developer (both iOS and Android). have 0 experience in developing 3d games or vr.My strong languages are obj-c and java. I prefer higher level languages but will learn c++ if its needed.Few days ago i bought S8 and ...

Mr_Patz by Level 2
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Unity + Gear VR + Debugging Workflow

UPDATE:Thanks to the replies below my workflow has been simplified to:Plug phone in via USBBuild and Run When done plug into GearVRIf I only want to test it using my Android controller without gearVR on the note the Unity Remote app works well.To fix...

Web vr link for gearvr

Hello, We have developed webvr supported website. We would like to able to launch webvr link from google chrome on note4/s8. As soon as pressing on link it should show dialog "Please insert GEAR to continue" which should open particular link in vr br...

Launch a native mobile app

Hello,I am developing a mobile application. My question is how do I start another native mobile app on my Android device. This operation is similar to opening another mobile app on an Android device using Intent via native code.I also checked out for...

OVROverlay crashes on S7 Unity 5.6.2 and 2017.1

I've tried to use OVROverlay with Utilities 1.5 and 1.6 beta using Unity 5.6.2 and 2017.1 respectively to no avail. With both the sample framework scene and any scene I make with a single OVROverlay component in it crashes on startup when running on ...

flarb by Level 2
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Edit AndroidManifest

Hii want upload my game to Aplpha chanel but i can't because i try to edit the androidManifest.xml for "android :debuggable in true" And android.intent.category.INFOi edit the androidmanifest with android:debuggable="true" in application and in inte...