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ASTC Texture Compression causing app not to launch

Based on the documentation for "Mobile Build Target: Android" - I changed the texture compression in the build settings from ETC2 (GLES 3.0) to ASTC. I hoped this might fix some of the performance issues I have.https://developer.oculus.com/documentat...

braun0 by Level 2
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Controller for Santa Cruz

Hi guys,Just saw a new video of Santa Cruz in action. Looks much mobile and affordable than original OR. So, now about my question What type of controllers will be compatible with Santa Cruz? Will you use optical hand tracking or simple gamepad?It w...

crag34 by Level 2
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Resolved! Connect was great and showed Gear Vr love, but..

There seemed to be some love for Gear VR. I'm very happy about that, so...Will developers get feedback on failed submissions?Will developers get their apps reviewed in a reasonable amount of time?Will developers be able to get a response now at ticke...

AJ_Soto by Level 4
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Problems with submitting app to GearVR Store

Hi there,I'd like to publish my app for Gear VR to the Oculus Store, but it getsrejected because the app crashes on all Lollipop Smartphones.The problem is that I have no Lollipop phone to test it and on myMarshmallow phone it works. How can I get th...

Oculus Store Review Experiences

Hi everyone,I've just submitted a VR app for Oculus review and since this is our first time, I want to ask you about your experiences.- According to the email we've received from the store, the review is about 2-3 weeks. Is it possible to get expedit...

Assets not getting updated on update for Gear VR

Hi, I have an app on the the Gear VR store a few weeks back and have uploaded the couple of updates:https://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/1135979366469525/In the update process the new binary was made available immediately on the store; but none...

AdbC99 by Level 3
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Submitting a game only for keys

Hey,There's a deadline for a competition, and I want to submit my GearVR game for that.I don't want to publish the game yet, as there's still work to do.I submitted my game to the GearVR store. How can I make sure that I get the option to send keys f...

Loading Image as a Texture

Hello! I have been trying to load an image and the raw data as a texture to the VrCubeWorld_SurfaceView example in Mobile SDK, but It seems like I am missing something because application crashes when I run it. This is what I have done so far:Custom ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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VR Coaster Rides all over the World

Hello everybody,it has been a while since I last posted here and I wanted to give you an update on what we've been doing the last one or two years...We have come a long way... We've been equipping more than 20 parks worldwide where millions of people...