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Resolved! Entitlement check - is there a way to test it?

Hi everyone,I integrated the entitlement check in my Gear VR game and everything seems to be working (well, at least my build seems to be properly connecting to the SDK). However, is there a way to test it and make sure the entitlement actually works...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Gear VR submission and release channels

I'm submitting my game to the Oculus Store and I would need to have access to the other release channels so I can test my apk (especially the entitlement check code) and make sure everything works before I send it for review. I would also like to hav...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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please...please..let me know the reason...!

My app name is 'MintPot'. I have god 'Rejected' from submission result. But there is nothing I am able to know the reason of the result!I do not have anything to do... just send an e-mail...It is very simple that I would like to know!I just want to k...

MintPot by Level 3
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OVRCameraRig position changes when scene start

(left picture: before scene start // right picture: after scene start)This is what happens when the scene start. The OVRPlayerController doesn't move because I set the Gravity to 0.I can't figure out why this happens. I tried to change the y to 0 dur...

og9269 by Level 3
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Where can I hire VR video editors?

Hi, I have a question in regards to VR video. I have a monoscopic footage that needs a editing. Can anyone recommend a experienced VR video editor that can work remotely? I need something like this.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QY72R3ZDzwIf you go...

Are release channels available for GearVR?

I attended the GDC talk where Oculus walked through the Release Channels feature for the Oculus store, and then afterwards one of the speakers mentioned that he forgot to say that the feature was "coming soon" for GearVR (basically would be rolled ou...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Graphics test on Note 4 failed

My latest submission for Starfighter Arduxim failed the graphics test for Note 4 due to not running at 60fps but succeeded on other phones. I don't have a Note 4 to test with and looking on eBay a used Note 4 plus the compatible Gear VR is a large fr...

Fulby by Level 7
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Behavior of Back Button

Hi guys, I have submitted a game to Oculus Store and got this message as "change request"A “back” short press action is interpreted by the application dependent on its current state, but generally it will retreat one level in an interface hierarchy. ...

Updating app info (build, submission info)

Hello,our app was approved and published. I wanted to change description due to some bad formatting, and it seems that the only way to do this is to Submit it for review again. Do I really have to wait again?What about updating the build (updates, bu...

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Remove build from STORE channel

Hello,I accidentally copied an alpha build to store channel. Is there a way to remove it?Is there a way to test an app without submitting it to store channel? I have my build in alpha channel, added myself as subscribed user but can't find a way to d...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Entitlement Checks

"Entitlement ChecksThe application must perform a check at startup to make sure the user is entitled to use the game, using the Platform SDK. For more information, see Entitlements in our Platform SDK Developer Guide."This is what Oculus says regardi...

Remote - very poor engineering

So it says to pull out the little clear piece of plastic before you set up the remote. I pulled the plastic, it broke, I pulled what was left, that broke. To get the rest of the plastic out so the battery would function I had to destroy the back half...