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Automatically set CPU/GPU levels

I'm working in Unity and I've created a script which monitors the framerate and increases or decreases the CPU level, GPU level and render target scale to maintain 60fps. It works reasonably well and better than hardcoding the levels as I don't have ...

Fulby by Level 7
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Framerate for app submissions

For those who have had an app submission rejected due to a low framerate how low does your framerate go? I tried the Suicide Squad game on the GearVR store and according to what I see in logcat the framerate fairly consistently goes below 40 fps on a...

App appears to be stuck in bad submission state

I submitted the full version of Starfighter Arduxim for Gear VR on August 14. It went into the Under Review state but around the same time I asked the store editor to remove a video trailer from the store info on the submission and I think this may h...

Fulby by Level 7
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Property to flag that Developer mode is on?

HiIs there any property in the Mobile SDK 1.0.3 that allows to tell if the Developer Mode is enabled? I'm thinking like a sort of int, bool flag that i can use to trigger certain behavior(e.g. show certain options, display a fps counter...)Thanks in ...

otiteb by Level 3
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GearVR S7 Screen Shift

The screen position of the S7 inside the GearVR is shifted to the right, resulting in a not centered image.When comparing the display setup to the one of the S6 Edge (dimensions of the mobileand screen position are about the same) the rendering zones...

GearVR Crash

Hey all. Coming up against a frustrating block. Not sure if it's the app or an Android thing or... really what it could be that's doing it. It loads the scene and then crashes, throwing up this as it is doing so:W/Unity ( 3847): D/Unity ( 3847): Unlo...

Deep link strange behavior on mobile oculus store

When I create deep link www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/.....for example to our app that is in oculus store, but hiden (b2b app, need redeem code) it show it, offer instalation, but after click on button write "something is wrong" , this behavior ...

ohara by Level 2
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Menu for Gear VR

I want to create a menu for a game for the Gear VR but I'm not sure entirely how to do it. What I've done so far was creating a canvas that I set to "World Space", but when I use the camera in VR, I can't select any button. After researching I found ...

Deleting Apps

Hi,Is it possible to delete Apps from the 'My Apps' area? I am sure I am just not seeing it!Thanks,Ste

SteUK by Level 2
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Gear VR Store Demographics

Hi guys,I'm having a difficult time finding target demographics, monthly active users and app download stats for the Oculus Store. Anyone know of any good resources to find these out, or key contacts in Samsung or Oculus?As a developer, I'm not just ...

loki77 by Level 2
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Volume control on Gear

I am using the standard Oculus Utilities (version 1.7.0) and I used the Universal Menu script on the camera rig. However, I don't know how to add the volume control that is standard in the Oculus Home. If someone can help it would be really great.

Thread Affinity and CPU0

Hello,I am currently profiling my Gear Vr native application (multi threaded), and I am stuck on a particular issue about thread affinity.Using Oculus Remote Monitor, I can witness perfect performances almost all the time, except on some occasions wh...

Exit confirmation - detecting cancel

I'm developing a samsung gear vr application in Unity and I'm adding back button Exit Confirmation now. I want to perform some tests however, for which I'd want to detect that user canceled oculus exit confirmation panel (they chose 'no' option) and ...

TestResult - ShortButton

I got this testresult from oculus. my app is for gearvrA “back” short press action is interpreted by the application dependent on its current state, but generally it will retreat one level in an interface hierarchy. The short-press currently does not...

MintPot by Level 3
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[Paid Jod] 360 Video player for Gear VR

We are looking for a developer to create a stereoscopic 360 video player for Gear VR. It needs to be able to handle 20min high quality videos (~2GB). If you are able to help, please contact admin@breakingfourth.comThanks Pete

pshort by Level 3
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App "UNDER REVIEW" for almost a month

Hello. Do you guys have any idea why the review process would take so long ? It's been more than 3 weeks already and no feedback or rejection, only a couple of downloads more than 1 week ago and nothing else.The documentation stated "up to 3 weeks" b...

aurelm by Level 2
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General Note 4 Performance Suggestions

So I have a game working silky smooth on S6 with like 4 skinned characters. Then I try on Note 4, reduce down to 2 characters, still getting crummy framerate. Maybe not related to my characters but honestly that's about all I got going on.I will PROF...

8bit by Level 4
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Parsing leadeboard data for display in GUI

Hey guys,I'm having a bit of trouble with the leaderboards in the platform sdk. After installing and initializing the Platform SDK with my appID, then writing the entry, I'm a bit stuck as to how I would get the top 10 entries and parse them for disp...

Selling within Oculus app

Hi!Is it possible to sell external products/services through an app listed on the Oculus store? If so, would you need to pay a commission to Oculus for the in-app purchase or could you setup your own payment system?Thanks,Sam.