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Changing app details from free to priced

Hi,I've a GearVR app just approved for Oculus Keys, and it was created and firstly submitted as a free one. Now I would to submit an update, changing it to priced, but it seems I can't change this detail, because the corresponding radio buttons in Su...

Signature for non-public Gear VR applications

Hi!I'm working on a project that intends to use Gear VR headsets for product presentations. This software for this is custom build and will not be made public via the Oculus or Samsung stores.In order to tun custom apps on the Gear VR you need a sign...

Ser3nity by Honored Guest
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Why is Brazil out of the Payment Countries?

I was filling the payment information of my Company, as we are about to launch a new game for Gear VR, and I could not find Brazil as one of the countries list.It is really strange, since I just could not find North Korea apart from Brazil.Will I nee...

pekayatt by Expert Protege
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Unity app "closed unexpectedly"

I'm developing a gearVR mobile game using Unity, building on Samsung Note 5. After the game run and shows the Unity splash screen, it will "close unexpected" 7 out of 10 times. Anyone knows what would be the cause of this problem? Thanks a lot!

sargrass by Honored Guest
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Enable Release Channels

Hey everyone, quick question - do I have to contact Oculus Submissions directly to enable release channels for my game, or is there a way to enable or request it on the dashboard?

Simulating a click in a webview GearVR Native

I am trying to simulate a click on GearVR inside a webview. Since the content in webview can be any website, it is not under a "controlled environment", I need the user to "click" on the headset, get the X and Y position in the webview and simulate a...

Mauricio by Honored Guest
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Contact and platform support

Hi everyone, I am one of the developers of ICAROS.We create an immersive experience based on the Gear VR and Samsung S6 or S7. We already started selling our product in April and it runs well. We would like to get in contact with Oculus to find out, ...

hyve by Honored Guest
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APK sign failed suddenly

The phone (S7 edge) was still working fine under native android develop enviromentBut once after I reboot (after some android update also), the APK signing starts to fail I'm seeing the error messages on Android Studio.However I'm pretty sure the sig...

littlebob by Honored Guest
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Add prominent support link to app page

A user left a review saying they couldn't start my game as it got stuck on a gamepad check, even though a gamepad was plugged in. I've managed to find this user by other means so can now work with him to discover the cause of this problem. On other g...

Fulby by Heroic Explorer
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New Gear VR has been announced

http://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/gear-vr/So, 101 degree FOV, dedicated Home button, supports phones from S6 to Note 7, all black, cover has a hole for camera (for AR), Iris scanner works in VR, USB port supposedly now supports data transfer too (...

motorsep by Rising Star
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Multiview Performance on OVR 1.0.3

Dears.I try to test Multiview with OVR 1.0.3 SDK and S7 mali GPU.1. Using your Sample Application (VrCubeWorld) and increase cube number to 55000.2. compare FPS between multiview ON and OFF.But, there is decreasment of 2~3 fps.Multiview OFF : 36~40 f...

bptest by Honored Guest
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WTF minecraft vr

foor ppl have no credit card OCULUS SUCKS AND HATE PPL HAS NO CEDIT CARD i have grear vr and want to play mincraft vr i trow al the mony i have you (oculus) dont want it i want to buy the fucking rift trow my mony and you dont want it WY WYi dont und...

biertjenl by Honored Guest
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Is Note 4 Support Required?

My application recently passed every build test, except the Note 4 graphics test, where it was flagged that my frame rate dropped below 60. I recall @lisabrewster saying something in an earlier thread about Note 4 support not being required, but the ...

Oculus SDK Licensing

Hello, I'm making a VR game where I use the Oculus SDK. I'm wondering if there is any specific licensing involved for commercial use? I want to sell my game so I just want to make sure legally I have the rights to use this. If not, what do people do ...

Volume and Menu functionality for Store Submit

Building in Unity for GearVR.I'm submitting to the store, yet QA have come back with some feedback:-Your volume buttons must adjust the volume using the VR volume UI provided by the Oculus Mobile SDK. Currently, your volume display does not function ...

360 paintings on GearVR for Facebook

Hi there, does anyone know how can I get some amazing 360 paintings from a Facebook group into the GearVR public gallery?I wish I was able to see them directly on the GearVR app from this FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/panopainting/

omixlab by Explorer
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Uploading a new Binary?

I've got a new build of my game that fixes all of the issues flagged in my test, but my application is still flagged as "Under Review" so I am unable to upload the new binary. Is there any way I can toggle the option, or do I have to wait until I rec...

playing streamed video in a movie texture

Hi all, I've created a movie player using easy movie texture, it works fine, now I'm trying to change the source, my video was stored inside StreamingAssets folder now I want to reproduce a video from a URL, is it possible? What I'm trying to do is t...