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Oculus Go Video Shots no longer working correctly

Hi,I have been developing on the Go using UE 4.21. I had been using the "Record Video" feature to record game play then getting the video files off via USB and sharing but since Saturday things have stopped working like they did before. This might ac...

ctpeepee by Honored Guest
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OculusGo Kiosk Mode

Thanks for reading this question.(I'm not familiar with English)I have a question about OculusGo.I have built in kiosk mode with an apk file which I made.It works well during Some hours.But when I try to wake up the Power Saving Mode, It shows a mess...

jws1388 by Honored Guest
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Help with Gear VR ?

Hello am using UE4.23 and while the app runs perfectly on GO on gear VR with S7 am getting crash at launch.Is it the 23 SDK requirement that affects that? i tried with OGL ES2 / ETC2 , disabling Multiview and eveything i do get a crash at launch. Als...

GRADGR by Protege
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Oculus Go: Opening application from the browser

Hellou all!Has anyone found a sure-fire way of launching an application from the browser using BROWSABLE-intents? Neither custom URL-schemes nor http(s) with a specified domain seem to work. Using intent:// and trying to activate the application dire...

GO update app fails - possible causes?

Created a project on the dashboard, uploaded a build as Alpha, invited myself, install on the GO. Works fine. Uploaded an update to the Alpha on the dashboard, GO sees the update, downloads to 100% and stops during install. Endless loop (update avail...

MaxArch by Heroic Explorer
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Workaround for Go / Unity performance bug?

Hello, I'm wondering about a bug caused by pressing the Oculus Go home button, then returning to my experience. Sometimes, but not every time, it seems to lock the app into a very low framerate (approx 15fps), and sometimes, but not every time, repea...

Is Oculus GO's GPS accessible?

I am developing an app for Oculus GO with Unity.I added permission to AndroidManifest and built an apk. When I booted it on OculusGO, the permission screen popped up so I chose "yes".My app tried to access to the location service but the LocationServ...

gedo831 by Protege
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Anatomy Lungs App - - rejected !!! please help

Hello, I just wanted to know what are the most common cases because they reject an application in oculus go.or how can I get help from oculus to tell me where the error is.and so solve it.since I spent a lot of time creating it, and I would like to f...

How long does Publishing Review take?

Hello, My app passed recently the technical and content review. I received an e-mail mentioning that I should now wait for the publishing review to finish. 15 days have passed and no news yet. I would like to ask if there is a certain timeframe for p...

Signed application crash on load

Hi all, hoping somebody here can shed some light on a crash I'm getting on application load. The application is signed using a custom gradle template to force v1 signing. First version of build successfully uploaded to my store alpha channel. All ver...

Untiy: UI creation

Hi,I am look for a nice UI guide on how to make buttons and switch between scenes for Unity.I have tried several general unity UI guides (non were for Oculus Go), but my buttons doesn't work and I don't know which rener mode to choose.Does anyone hav...

Jepplen by Explorer
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How to enable anti aliasing on GO using Unity?

I can't seem to get MSAA working on GO with Unity. A month back it was working fine but not now. I am using the Light weight render pipeline. I have enabled it on the LWRP asset with no effect. I then noticed a setting on OVRManager saying "use recom...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Go ovr-platform-util error SDK

I need to upload a project for Oculus Go in Sdk 21.But i received this message when i upload the apk: Android Target SDK version is 21, but should be 23 or greater (targetSdkVersion in AndroidManifest.xml).I have to use the app with the SDK 21.In the...

Mise en Veille Automatique Oculus GO

Bonjour, Nous utilisons 2 Oculus GO pour diffuser une video en boucle dans les 2 casques à destination du grand public dans un Escape Game. Pour éviter la veille automatique nous avons mis un scotch sur la capteur, cela a très bien fonctionné pendant...

EHMetz by Honored Guest
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AvatarGrab and other Samples doesn't work

I try out the samples, but they doesn't run. I also try to create an own scenario to grab.. with Grabber script for controller and Grabbable script for the object. I also add Rigidbody and colliders, but it doesn't work. can somebody help me please !...

oculus go device not listed in adb.

I'm installing app from unity through build and run options ,the app builds and runs in go successfull shows in consle while we saw the app in unknown sources it's not there inside the go headset.The device is not shown in adb list also is there any ...