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Inconsistent Buttons

Hi, first of all I'm not sure if this should be here or in the unity section so if this should be there please tell me and I can direct the question there.So, we're developing for Quest but due to limited quests in the team we're using GOs and Rift t...

Looping 360 video

Hi, I need to loop a 360 video for a presentation in a museum (no invigilator to press play, so needs to be constantly set to the video). Is there a way to force the player to loop (automatic re-play at the end of the video) to avoid going back to me...

Resolved! device oculus go : error device offline

I want to put my apk from unity in the oculus go. the device is recognised but it is considered offline. I tried to unplug the usb, restart the oculus but nothing seems to work. What should I try ? is it connected with my adb version I have the 1.0.2...

fredleoni by Honored Guest
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Light grey tinted pink?

So I've been noticing a lot of things that look light grey when testing on desktop with the Rift, but when I build the same app for Go they are tinted pink.It's not the solid pink like you get when a material is broken in Unity, just tinted pink, and...

Hybrid Android-Gear App

Hi guys! I'm developing an app on android and I would like that one section had a virtual environment using Unity3D and GearVR. I'm trying to do a hybrid system in which an Android activity run an Unity3D activity containing GearVR plugin. I put in t...

DaniRoig by Honored Guest
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Dual mode app (for GearVR) questions

Hi, so I have an app which uses 3 possible rendering engines depending on the type of device it's connected to (GL, GoogleVR/Daydream, Oculus). For some devices (like Samsung S8) it's possible to use it in all 3 of these modes depending on the headse...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How do you change the audio bitrate?

Using the Record Video function, game audio is also recorded (many props to those in the engineering team that made this possible, by the way). However, it defaults to 64kbps, which is pretty low quality. Now, video bitrate can be changed from its 5M...

Resolved! About antialiasing again

Unity 2019.2, lightweight RP. I can't deal with jagged edges on Oculus Go. Global settings are ignored.As well as QualitySettings.antiAliasing. I've tried postprocessing AA for LWRP, but it doesn't work with gamma workflow. Any ideas? Deadline is com...

Oculus Go frozen on app start

I tried to launch a simple app with only a OVRCameraRig, Directional light, a Canvas with a simple TextMeshPro, and a few scripts but when the I launch the app oculus crash after the unity logo splash screen and I have to turn off and turn on the dev...

juanphm by Protege
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Sample Source Code

Aside from the ovr_sdk_mobile_1.24.0/VrSamples, is there any other sample source code available to help learn the VrAPI? In particular, I'm interested in Audio SDK samples.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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send event to oculus go

Hi all,I have to realise a project which is a 360/3D video, and an external user have to see what see oculus go user and send events to the oculus go (go to "time x" on video, start a video loop..).Is it possible to make this for oculus go?The idea i...

Remote Control & VR Sync

Hello,This is a repost of a discussion I started in the community section. I didn't know I have to ask it here instead, new to the forums, pardon my mistake! I am building a 4-seat virtual reality motion platform amusement machine. I have a host com...

Metaverum by Honored Guest
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Build failing continuously

Hello everyone,First, i'm sorry if it is not in the right category, i'm new on the forum.So, let's get back to the problem.I'm trying to build a virtual reality application on Oculus Go. I already built it several times to debug my app. But since i'v...

Oculus Quest - Disable Guardian System

Hello!Is it possible to entirely disable the guardian system on Oculus Quest devices, like it is possible with Vive Focus or the Lenovo Mirage? Tried looking through the menus, and the documentation, but there is literally no information specific to ...