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Black Crush when viewing movies or videos

Hi all!. I have noticed that the videos and movies showed through the GO appears to have a "Black Crush" in the blackest blacks.

As an examble, anyone can notice this playing the Black Clipping test that you can find in Youtube easily:

In a ideal display and perfectly calibrated, you can almost see the 17 bar, and progressive see more and more detail in blacks. With the GO, only you can see from 21. And there isn´t any control of the image to adjust this. The White clipping is correct, indeed.

So, there is any form to tweak brightness to make a fine adjustment?. As the GO is created with multimedia playing in mind (apart of), will be good to see details in the blacks and avoid that back crush!.


I'm pretty sure you can adjust the brightness, but without the Go in front of my I can't verify that.

I've pretty sure I've read references from people who have done that, anyway.

I can adjust the brightness of the light LCD (backlight). But this not affect to the blacks, only over the brightness of the LCD screen itself 😞

Honored Guest
After all it's a "Fast LCD" not OLED, so there is no true-black.

No, this is not the point. In a normal LCD screen (TV or monitor), I can adjust brightness to show all these critical gradations near zero. It can be visible in a LCD screen, but the whole black isn´t 100% black due the backlight. The problem here is that there is some adjustment over the brightness at system level that make that black crush, I think.

Will be good if in future upgrade that black crush will get fixed.

Expert Protege
Is it doing that to hide banding in streaming video?