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Fixed scratches on my Oculus Go lenses

Level 3
Long story short my kid wears glasses and the frames scratched the hell out of my Go lenses. So for anyone that has scratches on the Go lenses, I just wanted to recommended a solution that worked for me! This purchase (link at bottom) can be made at your local auto parts store. Only do one lense at a time. Start by taking off the head strap and padded face insert. The black casing around the eye lense can be removed using just your finger and pulling up on the outside edge of the plastic. The buffing pads that come inside the kit are too big so use scissors to cut in to 4 smaller pieces, mine came out to be about the size of a quarter or slightly larger after cutting. Using the spray solution that comes in the kit, apply the solution to the #3 side of the buffing pad and "gently"rub in small circles on the lense for 2 minutes.Do NOT rub just back and forth like the box says! Then apply a small amount of solution to the # 4 side and with light to medium pressure rub lense in  small circles for 3 to 4 minutes. Remove excess solution off with a cloth and let dry for 1 minute. Last step is to use the white rubbing compound with a lint free cloth (not the pads), apply a small dab on the cloth and apply to lense using small smooth circles at the center and working outward to bigger circles  for up to 2 minutes. Now blow on lense until you can see the compound turn white, do not let compound harden for too long or you will have to start over whole process. Last step is to use a clean lint free cloth, rub the lense in full circles to polish the lense until it is clean, you will feel the lense become smoother as you polish with the cloth. Now you should hopefully be scratch free.  I did not use the #1 & #2 pads as they looked and felt too abrasive, also i did not use the lense sealing wipe as there seemed to be no purpose for it. I tested on an old gear vr first and the lenses look brand new. The GO lenses look just like when i purchased them! Hope this helps anyone having scratch issues with lenses. As far as for the Rift I am not sure if this will work, I do not know if the lenses are glass or acrylic.

Level 2
Thank you!  This worked a charm on my Oculus Go lenses which had small but noticeable scratches on them from my glasses.