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Help ! No sounds for Videos AC3 with player Oculus after installing an application.

Honored Guest
After installing Bigscreen I lost the sound of my videos.
The oculus video player no longer wants to play the sound of the videos (AC3 5.1), except sound of mp4.
I uninstalled Bigscreen and re-initialized the headset with the oculus application.
I still have no sound with my videos in my gallery the oculus video player does not play the sound.
I uninstalled all applications even those of oculus, after reinstalling the video player still no sound
I re-initialized the headset with the oculus application.
And after rebooting the headset, Bigscreen has reinstalled itself !!! and I have no sound for ac3 5.1 videos
I do not know if it really comes from him, but how to get rid of Bigscreen and get the sound? Do you have any suggestions?


Honored Guest
I uninstalled Bigscreen
I deleted all the files apk in the download folder
I re-initialized the headset with the oculus application.
Bigscreen not returned but still no AC3 in player oculus
It only works now when I use another application but never again with the gallery video player oculus :'(

Honored Guest
Bigscreen is still back in my library after a few minutes, why an application installs itself after uninstall? Bigscreen is a malware? 😄
how can we control our helmet Go he does what he wants!