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Oculus Go ADB

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Hi everyone I'm a bit new to the scene here but I keep running into an issue with the Oculus Go. I'm trying to use adb on the oculus from my windows computer but when I run the command "adb devices" no device at all shows up and I know that it's supposed to show up with unauthorized next to it. I've used the 2.0 drivers and samsung ones too (which apparently is supposed to be a fix) but it still won't work. Also worth noting is that whenever I turn on developer settings from my phone the Oculus Go will continue showing storage on my computer but if I take out the usb and plug it back in or if I turn off and turn on the Oculus Go the storage won't show up but in device manager it will show up under oculus devices. I've spent 2 days trying to find results online but no one seems to have a solution that worked or even came to a conclusion. Also I don't know if it was bad but I made a discussion post instead? Hopefully that was't anything too bad

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Can you try a different USB cable? Can you remove your lock pattern?
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cybereality said:

Can you try a different USB cable? Can you remove your lock pattern?

I can try a different usb cable although it works with my phone whenever I turn on usb debugging and I don't have pattern lock on
Just tried a different cable, it didn't work

I had the same problem. The Oculus Go device will bee seen from the PC when it it not in dev mode, but when you switch to developer mode it doesn´t.
I solved it by installing the Oculus Go drivers for windows on the PC. ( seems it doesn´t need the drivers when the Go is not in developer mode, but then you can´t sideload anything to the device)
The drivers can be downloaded from Oculus. I had to manually install the drivers.
Drivers can be downloaded here: