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Oculus Go / ExFat for +4gb files?

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I'm using Oculus Go with Mac Sierra and Android File Transfer.

Can anyone help me find a way to upload files larger than 4gb on to the Go internal storage?

Many thanks for any suggestions

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 You should check what format your file is, there are programs available for Mac that automatically convert two different file formats for you, or you can do it in Adobe etc. the file you are attempting to use might not be In a format that the Oculus go understands?

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Thank you! My ADB sits at /usr/local/bin/adb (OS X) - how would a file push path look like from there? Can I place files in /usr?

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Sorry for necro, but is there a way to do the same thing with Oculus Go actual file system? I.E. adb push myfile android/data/com.mycompany.myapp/files ?
I need to manually upload Unity Asset Bundle which is too big to be a part of apk.

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Selvz said:

Hello! Thanks for the tip. It worked yet I'm not able to find the file in the MOVIES folder. Is the file hidden? 

same here...cant't find the file althrough the upload was successful