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Oculus Video spatial audio Spatial Workstation 8 channel bug

Honored Guest
I get a strange bug with spatial audio in the Oculus Video app.
With the FB360 encoder I encoded a video with the format Spatial Workstation 8 channel.

I will ty to explain the bug..
The audio works fine when I start the video, but randomly at some point (sometimes after 5 seconds or 20 seconds), the spatialisation stops working.
The sound seems to be doubled with a short delay, spread to left and right and doesn't move with head movement anymore.
When I click at any time point in the progress bar, so the video starts playing from that point, the audio works again, but the bug will return at some random point again.

A video with 1st order Ambix works fine.
Also the FB360 Matroska works fine, only there the Head Lock is totally distorted (not because of volume)
I tried encoding with 1st, 2nd and 3rd order and FB360 mixes. They all do the same, so it's not the source.
Also with a Samsung S6 on the Gear VR the problem is similar.

Does anyone know where this bug comes from and if there is a fix? Am I missing something?

And why isn't there still no other VR player app that will play something higher then 1st order..?!!
The value of high quality spatial audio seems to be very underestimated. Or perhaps very difficult to implement..