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Oculus go keeps shutting off while watching Netflix

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So I just got my go and was using it to watch Netflix while laying in bed last night. It kept shutting off after about 8-10 minutes and I would have to hit the power button and restart the show I was watching. I tried things like moving my head or the controller to keep it awake, but to no avail. Does anyone know of a way to fix this? I couldn't find any settings that seemed to relate to a sleep timer or anything. 

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Same here - Very annoying

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It's not just Netflix, It happens while watching 3D videos that have been downloaded to the headset

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Any updates on this from Support tickets?

I have same thing shuts off while movie watch through oculus gallery...

I timed it, it shuts down every 10 mins if you don't physically interact with the screen. It's annoying af but if you pause and restart the movie before 10 mins it won't turn off. Really hope this gets fixed as watching content is the only thing I really do on the Go until we get better game offerings. 

I have the same problem, only not with Netflix. Pretty much all video apps including the Oculus player, I had to buy the pigasus app to play videos without it turning off... You can see the screen dimm and poof off. Everything else works fine including Netflix.. I opened a ticket but was wondering if anyone already had some feedback?

PS it used to work fine, all this started about a week ago not sure if there was an update that caused this.
Also when I put the device down and it goes in sleep mode and I put it on it switches on, so the sensor is not the problem. And all this with charging the device so its not a battery issue either. It did it on games as well but as I didn't play games for a long time I didn't notice. 

A factory reset fixed the problem!!

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putting light pressure on the censor between the lenses and/or wiping it clean fixed it... sorta

i have had this happen a few times.. i noticed that after it goes to sleep by itself, it will not wake if you put it back up to your face. both the sleep and the wake are determined using the censor in between the lenses. so i figured maybe if i poke it something wil happen... well... as soon as i put a little pressure on the censor, the unit turned on and prompted to hold the controller button as per usual. it seems like the connection with the center censor has become loose. my unit has not been dropped or mistreated in any way, and judging by the reports it seems like this may be some type of hardware defect.

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We're looking into this issue now. Thanks.
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Same is happening to me on a brand new replacement I received. Hoping there is a fix or workaround soon. Is this happening to every Oculus Go?

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I kept having the same problem. It started when I left my Go on for over an hour while it was charging. When I went to go pick it up, I noticed that it was super hot. I also got a notification that I was also running low on storage. I ended up resetting it to factory defaults (I had to do it twice, because the first time it reset it to a very stale OS version). After the 2nd factory reset it eventually started working again. For a little while I thought I let it get so hot that it actually damaged the HW, but so far so good.