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Pirate on the open seas adventure game for Oculus Go - SHORECUT

Level 3
Hi everyone!

  We are very eager to announce that we are making significant progress with our Oculus Go game, called Shorecut, and it makes us very proud to share it with you, the community.
  A few months ago, when the Oculus GO first came out, we decided to make a dedicated game for this platform. We think that this device is an excellent fit for our game and vice-versa. We were inspired to make this game after we've got impressed by many sailing/pirate adventure games we've played in the past, like Pirates of the Caribbean and, recently, Sea of Thieves, but we also wanted to tell our own original story and world.
  The aim is for the game to run perfectly on Oculus GO and to be easy to pick up and play anytime and anywhere, to have players seamlessly join their friends in the adventure and have fun no matter how long the gaming sessions are. We also want to port the game on the upcoming Oculus Quest.
  We plan to release a playable demo soon and we would like to gather your opinion and suggestions! You can always follow the development progress by visiting the website and dev blog at

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Official website:

Level 12
Oooh, looks very atmospheric!  I'd definitely be interested in checking out the demo, when available.

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Level 15
Looks good but I think this should really be posted in the Games and Apps section.
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Level 3
Thanks! Actually, I originally posted in the Games section but then I did a small edit to change the title of the post and the post disappeared. I didn't know what to do and re-created the post and put it here. I apologize. We just want to make our project known and have some feedback.

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This is looking very interesting, I will keep an eye out for it.
But the number 1 question can it be played single player?

Level 3
Yes, of course. The world will be populated with friendly and enemy AI and other players will be able to join you at any time.