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Productivity apps and tools?

Level 5
One thing that I'm missing on the Go is the availability of productivity apps like email clients and document readers, and, of course, a file manager, especially one that can access SMB shares. Is there anything like these?
An in general, can I sideload apps, via ADB, maybe?


Level 2
Bigscreen VR is in beta for the Go and claims support for RDP. I don't have a Windows box available to me for this purpose, so I haven't tried it. 
If you put the browser into desktop mode, Microsoft Office 365 Excel loaded fine for me. I'm not going to call it tested - I just bought my Go yesterday and was in Excel for a minute or two. 
I didn't see any in VR file management options, though Mac and PC users can connect to the Go.
I tried posting to a forum via the browser, and found the built-in keyboard tedious after a few sentences. It's good for a tweet, but that's it. It's like typing on a non-swiping, very basic phone keyboard using only one index finger. It works fine, and is quite responsive, but it is what it is. I haven't tried USB OTG adapters or other means of connecting a real keyboard yet. 
I ordered a Pizza online last night via the browser. It was delicious. 
From my shopping, Windows Mixed Reality seems to be a better choice than a Go for this, since it appears you can run arbitrary Windows apps, use external keyboards and mice, and it's all specifically built-in as core functionality. If you have a Windows computer that's strong enough, a headset will cost you about the same as the Go. 
I wanted productivity apps too, but I have a Mac and won't be buying anything new for a few years, so it was a $250 vs $1000 choice. If I had a Windows box already it'd have been a different equation. 

Level 4
I was thinking about this last night as I used my Go for the first time, about how awesome it would be to have a native, non emulated android environment app that at the very least we could side load android apps onto and at the best, have Google Play.

Level 2
That would be wonderful.