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UI improvements for use whilst lying down (on back)?

It's no secret that the Oculus Go is an incredible device for watching media. Personally I watch a lot of YouTube whilst lying down in bed on my back (facing the ceiling), but I notice that when I exit a fullscreen app like YouTubeVR the dialog menu to 'quit or resume' appears way down below my field of view, as if it thinks I'm still in an upright seated position. I know it knows I'm facing the ceiling because that's where I've recentered my view for watching YouTube. Would it be possible to have the system UI aware of my viewing position too so that all app dialogs display in front of me (on the ceiling) rather than down below me forcing me to have to sit up to click a button and then recenter facing the ceiling again?

I'm not sure if this helps, but I believe you can recenter the view by holding down the Oculus button for a few seconds.