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Unstable gravity accelerometer Oculus Go controller

Level 2
I'm looking into accelerometer of Oculus Go controller.
I want to use accelerometer value to move object short time.
I want to know the acceleration as accurately as possible.
And I want to erase the influence of gravity.

But I have trouble with that,
the accelerometer value that can be access via OVRInput.GetLocalControllerAcceleration()
is something strange.
I guess the magnitude of accelerometer should be almost the same even if the controller the
direction of the controller changes, in a stationary state.
Actually, the magnitude value changes,
when the buttons are facing up, magnitude value is roughly 0.26 - 0.28,
when the buttons are facing side, magnitude value is roughly 0.06 - 0.07.

Is the value correct? How should I handle that value?