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App non funzionante

Buongiornoho l app photos 360 che da ieri non funziona più e solo che lo uso per far vedere ai clienti i progetti ho già fatto il teste e riscaricato L app ma non funziona mi sapete dire come mai . Gli occhiali sono gli oculus go

Factory reset and firmware update, the right way

Hopefully this will prevent soft bricks and other hassles:Most of us will never have any problems but if we do then often a factory reset is the best cure.At least on something otherwise as limited as the GO.Together with problems often comes a firmw...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Go Development - Failed to Install Problems

So we haven't been able to install our app which is on the ALPHA Channel. We've recently upgraded Unity from 2018.2 to 2019.2.13f1 and Oculus' SDK tools from 1.32 (All the tools were on 1.32) to Oculus' SDK 1.48 (presumably v 15, we've noticed a frag...

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Password Protecting my movies

Hello,I want to lend my Oculus Go for my friends to see movies i made. But I don't want anyone to be able to copy these movies.How can I password protect the movie folder ?Thank you for your helpRegardsColas

RAVlog by Sightseer
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Can't connect with Unity project

I was trying to run a unity project with the headset. I'm working with Unity version 2019.3.6 on Mac OS. Everything went well until the last step. Whenever I choose "build and run", a message always pop up inside the headset telling me "device update...

amy7187 by Honored Guest
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App for stereoscopic 3D photos (4:3)

Hello,does anyone have a tip for an app with which you can view stereoscopic photos (3D) on the Oculus Go? With 360 degree photos this works for me without any problems, but not with photos in the ratio 4: 3! I've been looking for an app for a long t...

SvenMotz by Honored Guest
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Just an observance by a buyer customer of Oculus Go Games. I check quite often for sale listing in the Oculus Go store and now I am seeing a lot of games for "sale" in the area that states this : '"On Sale Now"Price High to Low"Complete your collecti...

dragon front down?

anyone here knows if Dragon Front is permanently down now? I only seem to be getting an everlasting error 999

"Sideloading" the easy way

There are some things our GO can not (yet) do as good as we would like.With a lot of Android apps and games working at least in 2D mode on the cinema screen it would be nice to have some easy ways of installing them.If you already looked into sideloa...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Nevermind, found the option

Nevermind, found the option.Is there an unofficial way to set my Oculus GO to connect through a proxy or a vpn?I have to use a hacky hotspot app on my phone to get online.And getting stuff to go online through it requires the use of a vpn or proxy.

Setting up multiple Headsets

My question: If I have 3 headsets, Oculus Gos as an example (All 3 headsets are on the same account, all 3 headsets I own), and I installed the apps I wanted on the first headset. Is there away to clone the the first headset and load the files on the...

App education

Dear admin Oculus,I have Oculus Go. Could you help me to development app education.


My Friend is a developer and he is facing issues regarding his game reviews like some reviews is sowing in the console but not in store.. can you guide that what's the problem. His game is available in Oculus Go.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Help! Oculus Go game beta testing needed

Hi, can you test my new game? For free, of course.It is in beta, and I need testers to give me feedback.Game Title: HOPPY ANIMALSTrailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5vjlO-YQKk&t=3sGame Description: Hoppy Animals is a third person platformer game...

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Headset Mounting

Hey all! So I have a little display setup at a local museum, basically you put on the Go and a video starts playing of some farmer or something. It’s attached to the ceiling and it has little retractable reels holding it, so you can kinda set the hei...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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SCORM in Samsung Internet browser

Good day!I'm using the Oculus Go to view educational VR content. Most of this content was created with WebVR technology, so I have to use the Samsung Internet browser.When playing SCORM in the Samsung Internet browser, the sound disappears. Moreover,...

Asemyonov by Honored Guest
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Could you please-PLEASE!-include VUDU (movies streaming app) in your list of available apps in the Oculus platform? A lot of us are not gamers, but like to watch MOVIES in VR. And Oculus has virtually no movie apps. Okay, they got Bigscreen. Which do...

Oculus Go / ExFat for +4gb files?

I'm using Oculus Go with Mac Sierra and Android File Transfer.Can anyone help me find a way to upload files larger than 4gb on to the Go internal storage?Many thanks for any suggestions

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Go- game like universe sandbox?

Hello, newbie here, trying to help my 8 year old He wants universe sandbox, but it's not available for the Go.Does anyone know anything similar for the Go? Something where you can not only explore space, but maybe alter a few things like time or dim...

iiGboy by Honored Guest
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