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Oculus Go Controller not swiping

Just had my Oculus Go delivered this afternoon and sadly I am experiencing an issue with the Oculus Go Controller that came packaged with the headset. All functionality with the controller works, except for any swiping actions (i.e. the Store Page or...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Will the ability to select categories in the library be added soon. I would like to be able to select games and only see games instead of all the other apps and vise a versa. Maybe even have most of the same categories in the store to help even more....

How to get error logs from app crashing in Oculus Go

I recently ported an Oculus Rift app into Oculus Go using VRTK and unity 2017.4.2. The app works 50% of the time but the other 50% it freezes right as it loads a 360 video, halfway through the app. I sideloaded the app using ABD. I have searched and ...

View all setting not working.

Hello. Does anybody experienced problem with view all setting never loaded? In my case it not loading even after reboot of Go. I can't go there couple days. Please help.

toxyne by Explorer
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Oculus Go USB-Drive Support

Can some one please confirm usbdrive support for media for Oculus Go is available now...or its still not there? I know hack available via debug mode but i still think why on earth it can't be added officially by company itself here is hack..probably ...

Dilip by Rising Star
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Removing my info to sell go

I am trying to sell my go. And I can't get a refund on the games I purchased or can I have purchased games switched over to the quest that I now have so what do I need to do to the go to get my information off of it for the sale

Can you control Oculus GO from an external source?

Hi! I was wondering if it is possible to build an Oculus GO app (a simple 360 viewer) and be able to change the 360 images via an external app on a phone or tablet? And if yes, would it be complicated?Bit of back story!I am developing a business plan...


Hello VR World.I'm trying to watch the upcoming NBA Finals "LIVE" on the TNT VR Stream.... but I can't seem to find it. Any one watching the games live?

How to change thumb nail of transferred video from PC?

I am mailing from Tokyo, Japan.Please teach me, how to change the thumb nail of transferred movie file.I have transferred from MacBook via Android File Transfer to internal storage. I want to change some of the files thumb nail in internal storage. T...

Oculus go controls invert when i turn around

i use the controller z rotation to drive the car, but when i turn 180 degrees and recenter, the values act crazy, + is -, and vice versa, the code below is the one i use, thanks for the help. Quaternion angless = InputTracking.GetLocalRotation(XRNode...

White dots/ screen tearing on oculus go. What should I do?

So I have occasional problem with my oculus go. So when I am at oculus home/browser/gallery there randomly appears random white dots that look like screen tearing. I haven't seen it happening in games yet. I was just wondering that should I send it t...

Umas01 by Honored Guest
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Raspberry pairing

Hello,I'm working on a school project as IT student. I would like to pair my oculus Go to a raspberry programmatically in order to communicate between those during my VR experience. Research on google made me understand that it wasn't possible yet......

nsebag by Honored Guest
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Oculus GO Screen Sharing Development Support

Screen sharing on the Oculus GO is finally here!! So pumped! However, we are having trouble getting our internally developed app to cast. I can get my GO to cast to my android device just fine. But once I launch our app a message pops up saying "Cast...

rgholm by Explorer
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Oculus GO Kiosk mode for 360 video

Hi guys,We developed a simple solution for playing 360 video's in kiosk mode for Oculus GO. You can download it from the appstore without need for any complicated tricks. Hope you find it usefull!

Unity build failures build-tools aapt.exe

I have built a couple projects out on the Oculus go but recently I have been getting build failures in unity. I have the latest version of the SDK from android studios, I have no duplicate files for the JDK. But the error says that package failure in...

Problems to set up the orientation in the cinema view

Hello I am new with my Oculus go and tried the cinema view the first time. If i sit in a vertical position, it's easy to set up the orientation. But if a lie on the couch and my Oculus shows to the ceiling I have problems to set up the orientation in...

Heige by Honored Guest
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Pairing evo vr pro gamepad

Why is it i can pair my evo gamepad with my phone fine no problem . But useing same phone will not pair in oculus app. Is there a solution?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Flight Simulator with WebVR

I made a simple but realistic VR Flight Simulator in WebGL and THREEJS for Oculus Go, but maybe works also with other devices such as Rift and Gear but not tested, inspired by this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKyOM7rMN-k , repository: http...

Shervin88 by Honored Guest
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Oculus Go Usage in Schools

Greetings, everyone.First, please let me apologize for my lack of VR knowledge. I am just starting out, hence, this discussion.I work at middle school and we are getting about 40 Go headsets, for which, I will be coordinating and in charge of. I am h...

Oculus Go does not charging with a charger less than 2 Ampere?

Hello,I try to charge with an old Chrager from Iphone, means less than 2 Ampere. I assume that this takes longer than an 2 Ampere Charger, but it doesn' charge my Oculus go and I charged the whole night. Just 3%???Anyway I will buy the right charger,...

Heige by Honored Guest
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