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3D video content creation supported on Oculus GO

Hello.I am a student studying video.I want to edit the video taken with Insta 360 Pro 2 into a three-dimensional video and synthesize a three-dimensional object. Are there any three-dimensional images supported by Oculus GO that can provide a method ...

dp7774 by Level 2
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Oculus Go Accessibility

Hi community, I am a vision impaired person. I am able to use VR though but struggle with small text.Is there a plan to implement accessibility options in Oculus Go or at least have Talkback available? Other option would be to be able to zoom in or i...

Best method of setting up 2 Oculus go's

I want to purchase a second go for my spouse and I am trying to figure out the best method of setting up a second go for family use on one cell phone. Support is of no real help in this area. There appear to be 2 methods of accomplish this; each with...

Several games worth recommending!

              Coulus go several recommended games! ::smile: NO.1 Herobound:Spirit Champion※※※※※In Herobound:Spinit Champion,you play as the chosen avatar of the Spirito of Life.Explore the 4 natural in your quest to free the other spirt...

Go Remote sensory pad

Just bought this Oculus Go a few hours ago. Charged it up, set up instructions and I find that the sensory pad is intermittently working. I tried reprogramming and replacing battery and only works for a minute then the pad cuts out still.any ideas??

Wmayes by Level 2
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Need help

Hi everyone, I have a question that might be dumb, but I would like to know how I could start videos on the headset if someone who can't use the controller is using the headset ? Some people are not very familiar with the navigation on the Oculus Go,...

JPetit by Level 2
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Online match making

While I have really enjoyed the apps and games on the Go, something that I have noticed is that some games do not have a strong online multiplayer presence. The only one I consistently find players to play against is Dead and Buried. I would to have ...

Sideloaded App and Release App - Update Conflict

Hey all. I've done some tests, and I just want to confirm if anyone else has experienced this, and/or it's perceived as expected behavior (maybe someone from the Oculus team can comment).I have an app that has typically been sideloaded onto the Go an...

What Color Space and Game does Oculus GO display use?

The display in the Oculus GO does not seem to be Rec709 / ITU-R BT.1886 for Color Space / Gamma. If I create content using a color calibrated monitor, it appears quite different in the GO. I have asked for tech specs from Oculus, but it does not seem...

mkrjf by Level 3
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contoller problems

My touchpad is really iffy if not working. Ive re paired it but nothing changes. Its not 3 weeks old new battery etc. I have no direction controls that most apps call for. Navigating around. Bad controller?? Do I have to return it to Best buy and exc...

Looking for travel vr content

I am relatively new to the Oculus GO and I am interested in how best to find immersive travel vr content. I’ve looked in the oculus store but there are just so many apps and I don’t see anyway to create filters for immersive travel vr content. I woul...

Oculus Go.

I wonder what's the benefit of this GO device? OK, you can see your virtual sitting room where a Netflix is painted on a virtual TV device. I already have a sitting room with a 55" TV screen. So why I should buy this. It adds nothing special to watch...

Hader21 by Level 2
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Newbie questions....be gentle.

HiI'm a newbie to the VR world and have only used my new Oculus Go a couple of times. I have some questions and I apologise in advance if they are dumb and you roll your eyes.....my aim is to use the Go to watch movies and videos that I have stored o...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Repeatedly Granting Permission?

Every time I disconnect from USB (connected using Android File Transfer on MacOs) I have to re-grant permission in the headset when I reconnect. Is there a way to grant the permission permanently?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus browser downloading large files...

Having issue of downloads dropping/disappearing/failing in Oculus browser. When trying to download large multi GB video files they seem to start fine but eventually they simply disappear from the download tab and fail. I have a 100mb internet connect...

takykov by Level 2
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Help me my oculus Say «  update requied

i am not speak English well. Please help me. I bought oculus go. Configuration ok. When i watch my applications or netflix or applications my oculus say « oculus update requied « i can,t use oculus ,why??? Help . Tell me more why i can,t use oculus ?...

Does the Go app require internet connection?

We're trying to connect the headset to an iPhone on a WiFi with no internet connection to use the screen mirroring software. It works if we load the app on internet and then connect to the WiFi but chances are we won't have that option. Is there anot...

Using 8 Go’s in a college - network? separate accounts?

We have purchased 8 Oculus Go’s for use at a college with lots of different students and staff booking them out for use. My digital team and I are looking to see what is the best way to organise and ‘network’ them together.* Should we create separate...

I Can't Unlock My Oculus Go

So, I can't unlock my Oculus Go, I find the whole entire system of resetting it stupid because you NEEEED the thing for the lines in order to connect. If anyone has any solutions to this problem please, reply. I hope I'm the only one having this prob...

Oculus Go lens distortion - bad assembled?

Hi, how can i test my oculus go lenses if they adjusted or correctly was set (mounted) during assembled? Because I have little distortions and blurry image , i need a little time to find right position on my face to make look good, if i move a bit he...

Darmoed by Level 3
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Facebook spaces unable to join using rift

I have installed facebook spaces app and logged in using my facebook account but every time i get the message that "this version of facebook spaces is out of date please update and restart" , any suggestion how to resolve this? I have an even today n...