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Oculus Go for presentation

Hello! We want to use Oculus Go headset for our presentations. So there are questions. Is it possible to connect one controller for more than one headset? Is there a way to connect headset to a monitor to see the picture in it?

Czech language for Oculus Go UI - I´m available

Hi all, I´d like to point out that currently the Oculus Go user interface has support for only few languages.I´m not talking about the app, which is also not "settable" and relies on the language set on your phone.With this being said, I´d like to pr...

Infinite loading?

I own several Oculus go devices and when I turn on the glasses, I only see 3 intermitent loading dots... I resseted the devices (Fabric mode), but the problem happened again a day later. Does anyone know how I could solve this issue? It is pretty urg...

Jorgeoroi by Honored Guest
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NEED HELP SETTING UP OCULUS GO ON WIN 10 PC. Support is not responding. I believe they are overwhelmed and useless. May just have Credit Card Company return and refund my money. Searching the Categories and threads is a joke.

Admin883 by Honored Guest
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Please make oculus Go wishlist editable!

It is such a nuissance, as soon as I have added an app to my wishlist, I can never get rid of it anymore. So my wishlist meantime is totally overcrowded and not helpful to find anyything back whatsoever. The wishlist is crammed with Apps purchased as...

I cant get it going!

I just got my oculus go and I am stuck on the screen that tells me in 5 languages to download the app. It's also telling me that it cannot locate the controller even tho its right here next to my pc and headset. Btw I am using a desktop pc for this (...

Is Content for Oculus Go Lousy?

Hello guys,Is it me or is the amount of content for Oculus Go lousy? I know part of my problem is that I'm only looking for material i can use on my elliptical machine. But there doesn't seem to be much content otherwise.

Early Access?

How do we comment on early access titles? Specifically the VR Cool Reader. The website has nothing and I can't find any way of contacting the developer, or even WHO the developer actually IS.

front plate?

Should their be play on the front cover/plate?when I push on the front cover it will push in/give, only on the upper right corner, is this normal? The rest is solid.

Oculus Go works 15 sec

HiI just Got brand new Oculus Go vr headset. I Charaged the battery to 100% (green light) and then turned them on. Everything went well about 15 sec and then lights went out in my screen. I tap power button but then they work 15 sec and lights off. I...

Logging in to oculus venues

I am having trouble logging into oculus venues. It says I need to link to my Facebook account which I am. But it still says to link account. Any help would be appreciated.

gods233 by Honored Guest
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Oculus Go Navigation/Task Bar/Dock

It seems when watching some videos mainly the ones that show up in Oculus Home that the Oculus GO Dock is always there. Is there anyway to hide this while watching those videos? Also can't remember has it always been this way or is it something in on...


Do event notifications work for anyone?

I'm wondering if you get notifications for events on your phone or Go. Recently I haven't gotten any notification for any event I signed up for and I only recall it working once or twice since I got the Go. I'm on iPhone. Notifications are enabled in...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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PS4 on OGo - Here how I currently do it.

Since there is no current way to remote play on your OGo, you have to double the work BUT I have been able to play my PS4 on a nice Home Theater Room via Virtual Desktop. What you WILL need is a good computer. I did this with my Surface Pro 3 and it ...

browsers with downloading functions enabled?

hi all, does anyone know any good browsers with dl funtions? the oculus browser doesnt download anything bigger than one gig or so and if you navigate to another page it aborts the download. Ive tried samsung interner and firefox reality both withut ...

Can't connect go to mac

Hi, I've plug in USB (try 2 cables) and nothing happen, neither in the headset neither on my mac. Any ideas?

blevet by Honored Guest
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