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How can i remove a Go from my account/Oculus App?

This is a copy from a thread i opened on Reddit(link below), but i also wanted to ask it here.Hi everyone I had a broken Go and got a new replacement and send back the defective unit. The thing is...the old Go is still there in my account and i just...

Eispfogel by Expert Protege
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Now you see them, now you don't!

My Go's went bad after the first week, the video was falling out but the sound was still there, so I took them back to exchange for a new set. While setting the new set up I noticed that I now had two pair showing up in the settings on my iphone app....

Oculus GO Bluetooth Keyboard Support

I know there is already a thread for suggestions, but it would be great if the GO supported Bluetooth keyboards. It's basically impossible to do anything meaningful on the internet browser without a keyboard. Long story short I'd like to ditch my mon...

Digital movie codes

Those little slips they put inside the DVD cases. Is there a way to redeem and download those movies? Or better yet, is there an app on the GO that lets me stream them. I'd love to be able to watch movies in that theater app

blurry vision

Hi all,new to this and this is my first post. Got the Go for Christmas. Was very excited. However slightly disappointed. I find that it can be very blurry at times especially when I use the browser. I have only used this in the last 2 weeks. I do wea...

Virtual Desktop not working....

Oculus go keeps giving me an error that I need to update the Virtual Desktop App. Then refers me to the oculus support page. I have searched the support page extensively and found nothing relating to my issue. Anyone else having this issue? Here is t...

Tutorial: Build Your First VR App

I got this tutorial working in unity. I was able to use Build and Run to get it on my Oculus Go. However, I cannot get the ball to move. I think that I need to change the arrow keys code, i.e. Input.GetAxis("Horizontal"), to use the controller, but j...

Red lines

I’m having multiple redlines going horizontally across my screen anyone know a fix to this

Changing pictures on the wall

When I try to change the pictures on the wall in my home, when I get to the page where I click on which picture I want to change, it just goes to a black screen that says "Error". I can connect to my phone just fine, share my pics from it with visiti...

Oculus Go Popup: We can not find your controller

Oculus Go Popup: We can not find your controller We have made an app in Unity, this is without the controller to use (360 app) but we continue to get the popup message that the controller is not connected to the oculus. Even if it is disconnected in ...

Oculus GO browser install after update fails

I have the newest firmware that was just released and everything is in working order. However, for some reason, it looks like the Oculus Browser has a separate upadate. I can download the update and get to the installing notification. After about a m...

Bad results viewing 360 camera photos on Oculus Go

Hi,I just bought my Go, and really like it, with one glaring exception.I have owned an LG 360 cam for about 18 months, and just recently bought my wife a Sumsung 360 cam. Viewing our 360 pictures in 'native 360' mode is one of my primary use cases fo...

jdg1956 by Honored Guest
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Bricked Oculus Go?

So I just did a Factory Reset on my Oculus Go and now it won't respond. It has been charing it for 8+ hours and all I get is a flashing orange light. The screen stays black even if I hold down the power button for 30+ seconds. I can't even enter the ...

Loading screen (three dots)

We regularly have the Oculus Go crashed and remains on a loading screen. Why is this happening? A solution is factory reset and reconnect it with the phone but I do not want to keep doing this every time.

go controler

my go controller stopped working, batt. at 80%. any ideas how to fix?

davej47 by Honored Guest
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Newbie needing some information please

I have just ordered an Oculus Go and I have a question regarding external battery packs. Does anyone know if there are any battery packs available that will plug in directly to the USB port on the Go rather than connecting the battery pack to a USB c...

[GO] External Power

Hi,we want to use some Oculus Go's for a coming fair to show our products. It will use for one week from 8:00AM till 18:00 pm and i'm thinking about to connect the Oculus Go to an external power source but i've seen now that the battery is still used...

gagagu by Explorer
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hello,i ordered my oculus go on dec 21st 2018 and have yet to receive a tracking number for shipping. cannot find a phone number to speak with someone about this and would like an answer as to where is my device since i have already paid for it.

jlcrdrd6 by Honored Guest
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How Do I Listen To My Music Library from my iPhone??

I simply refuse to believe there is no way to play my music library on the Go. I have seen a few visualizers mention Spotify or Soundcloud but I have NO INTENTION of signing up for yet another BS service trying to sell me crap when I have 100gb of mu...

halofour by Honored Guest
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Bought mine last night

I bought my headset last night and when I went to turn in on I don't see the light but the crazy part is I charged it all the way up for two hours in the light is on the inside of the headset with the logo showing but that's it. Has anyone else exper...

clyde100 by Honored Guest
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