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Telechargement de l'APK ALVR impossible

Bonjour,j'essaie de télécharger L'apk pour ALVR avec mon oculus quest sauf que l'apk m'oblige a télécharger utorrent sauf que utorrent refuse de telecharger l'apk alors j'ai supprimer utorrent mais maintenant je peux plu rien faire si quelqu'un a une...

New User Questions

Hi, Our GO hardware is coming next week and our goal is to have a virtual birthday party as the first use case. Quick questions (having no prior experience):- When an app states "Single User" does that mean it cannot be enjoyed in realtime with other...

Paysafe oder guthabenkarte

Hallo zusammen. Ich habe mal eine Frage :Ich habe kein PayPal, und auch keine Kreditkarte. Weiss vlt jemand, ob man demnächst vlt mit paysafe oder Guthaben Karte bezahlen kann? Gruss

4k animation videos wont play on Oculus Go

Hi,I am trying to play 360VR Panorama videos outputted from LumenRT however anything over 1080p does not play on the Oculus Go. Even 2k or 4K 2d videos are not working. Can anyone advise what a possible issue is? the bitrate of the video appears to b...

SwecoVR01 by Honored Guest
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Что случилось с игрой Merry Snowballs / What happened to the game Merry Snowballs

Не могу найти игру Merry Snowballs. Пол года назад эта игра была общедоступна. У нее высочайший рейтинг. Сейчас купил гарнитуру своей маме именно ради этой игры, но ее нет.По ссылке на сайт игры загружается что-то китайское с кучей неприличных картин...

L_Forest by Honored Guest
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Not enabled Oculus Go

Привет. Я перезагрузил шлем VR, используя кнопки" On " + "volume Down", выключенный во время перезагрузки и больше не включается . Эта комбинация больше не работает и не включена. Когда зарядка подключена, желтый индикатор мигает, и больше ничего не ...

shmit1991 by Honored Guest
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get gorn on the go

if you want gorn on the go then go on to freelives.net/contact-us/ and i can't post links so make sure to put http:/ at the startand then tell them to make a go version of gorn

dfxupt by Honored Guest
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Oculus Go Usage in Schools

Greetings, everyone.First, please let me apologize for my lack of VR knowledge. I am just starting out, hence, this discussion.I work at middle school and we are getting about 40 Go headsets, for which, I will be coordinating and in charge of. I am h...

Kiosk mode - any progress?

Hi everyone! I am looking for a kiosk mode solution for Oculus Go for a museum exhibition that I have coming up. I have tried out VR Sync, which was good for looping the video but didn't lock down, and also Oculus Go Kiosk Mode which seemed to not wo...

Oculus Gallery player - feature wishlist / suggestions...

First, let me say Oculus Gallery is my favorite video player. I tried them all and OG is clearly the smoothest one with a completely stutter free playback which i love. But there are still certain things that keep it from being perfect, in my opinion...

xmnk by Explorer
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Licensing apps to multiple devices in a school

One of the schools I support used a mini-grant to get a number of Oculus Go devices. They want to put apps on them (of course). In the Apple universe, there is a program, formerly called Volume Purchasing Program (VPP), that is now integrated with Ap...

jduff72 by Honored Guest
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Kiosk Mode?

Hello.I have read through a few threads regarding being able to put the Go into Kiosk Mode.Some of the threads get into things that are pretty technical and deal with coding. Is there an official app yet that will do this or has anyone discovered a s...

Getting 4K Resolution

Hi.Among other things, we create Archviz VR's for our clients (we give them both images & video versions) and have gotten used to supplying reduced quality VR experiences to our clients because the Go can't handle 4096x4096 H264 videos.We always have...

iCreateVR by Honored Guest
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Can you develope app used in education for kid

I really need an app in oculus.I want to use oculus in my elementary school student class.I need an app just show educational sources in the screen for kid to prevent them touch other junk information.Is there any body develope this kind of app for s...

APK is for 6DoF device only

APK is for 6DoF device onlyAPK is for 6DoF device only, and cannot be used on 3DoF mobile platform. You can set `android:required="false"` in `android.hardware.vr.headtracking` if the APK should be shared between GearVR/Go and Oculus Quest. The APKs ...

Publishing to Xiaomi

Hi all,Has anyone ever managed to publish an Oculus Game in China using Xiaomi.com?I've been trying for some months and liasing with Xiaomi support which has resulted now in this email from daisy@xiaomi.comHi Kevin, I am afraid that there is nothing ...

Kev1970 by Explorer
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WebXR "Canyon voyage" demo

Demo based on low polygon fractal terrains (the full grid is 512x512 and the local 256x256 grid is rendered). Fog is used to hide the local grid borders. The script takes 13kb (and gl-matrix lib more 50 kb) webxr-canyon-voyage.glitch.meTested on Ocul...

Making stereoscopic 3D photos and videos for Oculus Go

Hi all,I'm going to hiking trip to mountains and I want to make some stereo photos and videos. The question is how to make it? I don't want to have just 360 photos, I want real 3d stereo photos and videos.Did anybody tried to solve this? I'm consider...

WebVR stored locally on Go

Hiya,First post I work at a college in the UK and have been asked to look at creating a WebVR tour that can then be saved locally in an Oculus Go headset and run through a browser. Is this possible? I'd like to know how to get the project onto the h...

deutsche sprache

wie kann ich die deutsche sprache einstellen? ich kann kein englisch

marku53 by Honored Guest
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