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documentation or instruction for Oculus pro app

I just bought Go 64GB, i want to connect my oculus to my Synology (plex) therefore the advice was to buy Oculus pro app, ive done it, but when opening, there is nowhere a method to connect to the headset. i got Direct device and no further, so i need...

bonestaak by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Can I change phone after initial set up of Quest?

Hi All, I am getting my Quest tomorrow but my phone app keeps crashing. It is an android 6.0 so should be capable of handling it. If I use someone else phone for the initial setup, will I be able to use my own phone (once working) afterwards for upda...

Room Sharing

I own 4 Oculus Go on one account. Is it possible to share room or cast to all devices on the same account to enjoy it as family?

Diaguda by Honored Guest
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Oculus and Joey drew studios should partner up and make a VR game for the Oculus Go, That would be awesome, I would buy it! 2nd, MINECRAFT! How hard could it be? Its already on the gear VR.3rd, HELLO NEIGHBOR, THEY NEED THIS GAME!Who Agrees?

Oculus Go / Local videos with spatial audio

Hi! I have 2 questions... we develop 360 audio for different clients. Can we copy the video files directly on the Go device to play them? (360 video with spatial audio), or do we have necessarily to pass by some streamer like facebook or youtube?In c...

Educator in School Use Security

I am a Educator in the Count Community and have a serious concern. Everywhere I go I hear about how to use the GO, but i'm far past that. How can I secure my students from accessing website that are inappropriate for students. The facts are connectin...

Jst1man by Honored Guest
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What's everyone using to store class sets of Oculus??

Bundles In The Store

The bundles section now seems to be entirely empty on the store for me. It is still listed as a category, but completely empty. If I go online through a browser I can still see some apps that say they are part of a bundle, but there's no price.Is thi...

Virtual Retail

Please I need just a demo of any virtua retail, does anybady can share with mi please, I can pay for it.RegardsRicardo

Greater than 4K video file

Has anyone figured out how to create a video file that is greater than 4K resolution that will play on the Oculus GO? My Go Pro Fusion camera has a resolution of 5.6K and I can watch 360 videos at that resolution on YouTube. But when I edit a video u...

Is Facebook Horizon not going to be available for GO??

This may be an old topic to you guys but I just got the email to sign up for the beta version (I'm sure we all will get that email) and at the bottom it siad it's just for the Quest and Rift. Surly they will be opening it up for GO users right?? The ...

OTG USB Storage

I would like to be able to play 4k videos on the Oculus Go from my USB 3.0 external HDD while travelling.I've read a number of comments about OTG USB Storage for the Oculus Go still being in the pipeline. But what I don't understand is why there is a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Controlling Oculus Go from smartphone. Idea!

Hello, I've developed an app to trigger (not streaming play) videos from my Android smarthone in my Oculus Go! without Internet connection and without doing anything in the Oculus Go (except running the app). It works with 6 Oculus Go at a time (and ...

Upload / Download

My easiest solution is to upload my photo or video to google photo, then from the Go navigator, access and download video from the Google photo website

LuJu_DUP by Honored Guest
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Fandango 3D

I read an article that mentioned you can rent/buy/watch 3D movies through Fandango on Oculus Go. However, when I go into Fandango on my Oculus I can't find anything stating that the movie I'm getting is in 3D. There are no drop down menus or anything...

Resolved! Movie environment

Hi all. I'm new to the Oculus Go, so I hope you don't mind what is probably a newbie question. I've heard that can watch movies in different environments on Oculus Go. Like in a theater, on the moon, a drive in..... and so on. Is this an app that nee...

How to cancel a subscription

I just created a monthly subscription to the Amaze app for £4.99 a month. When I want to cancel this, how do I do it as I cannot find an obvious way? Not looking to cancel straight away as the app is fantastic (highly recommended), just thought I'd b...

OculusGo Kiosk Mode

Thanks for reading this question.(I'm not familiar with English)I have a question about OculusGo.I have built in kiosk mode with an apk file which I made.It works well during Some hours.But when I try to wake up the Power Saving Mode, It shows a mess...

jws1388 by Honored Guest
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Purchased app from desktop, doesn't appear in "GO."

Newby here. I bought an inexpensive bundle, and 3 free apps online from Oculus' website with my desktop. One of the free games downloaded itself. The other two and bundle did not. Can not find it in library, or any kind of a link in the headset to st...

Oculus Go stuck in uninstalling app

I was uninstalling an app and the icon was stuck in uninstall state on my library screen. I cannot download the app again, because store on Oculus Go and my phone says the app is uninstalling.

elmorepow by Honored Guest
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VR video is off

So I was watching some videos and the video seems off. Like its too high. Im sitting normally in a chair and to view anything at the bottom of the screen i basically have to sit up and stare directly down. Is there a way to just orient everything upw...

B1g_Millz by Honored Guest
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Movie Theater apps question

Hello when using the movie theater apps, you can select a few modes where you find yourself in a movie theater. Some videos on youtube you also find yourself in a theater with NPC standing in the audience. When doing some roller coaster videos, you ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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