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Can't view images/photo in full screen

I store some image files on dropbox and add dropbox as gallery source. When I tried to browse the image folder there're thumbnail generated correctly but once I click each image to view them full screen, they just silent. I can click the trigger to b...

chettawan by Expert Protege
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Failure to update 360 photos

Failure to update 360 photos... When I want to open my images he says to me: "Please use Oculus Gallery to view the files stored in this device"The problem that oculus gallery does not show images in cubic format.Is it possible to install an older ve...

Where are my 360° photos in Facebook 360

Hi all,I'm new here. I've just received my Go. In my Facebook profile I've a lot of 360° photos but in Facebook 360 in "my photos" I just can see 5/6 of them. Any idea where I can find my 360° photos?Thanks

walterbz by Honored Guest
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Go controller: freeze problem?

Hi, Recently, after play a game, I charge the controller. When I have time to use it again ( after a few hours, sometimes a few days), the controller freezes. The white dot is fixed on the screen, I can't move the controller but its buttons work. Rem...


Hello All,I will be doing an Architecture presentation tomorrow and my intention is to show panoramic renderings; However I'm not sure I will have access to WIFI, is there any way I can still connect my phone to the Oculus go (the renderings are on m...

InvescaVR by Honored Guest
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Looking to increase the "view distance" on the Go

I just got my Go a few days and am really impressed with it. So much easier to use than my PSVR.But I have a question... everything on the screen is "too close". For example, the Settings/Store/Library panel at the bottom of the Home screen is so low...

bundito by Honored Guest
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Oculus Go auto starting ?!?

Hello all,I got my Oculus Go the next day after its release and I have noticed since that time that the Go is regularly "auto starting" by itself when it was shut down completely.This is freaking annoying as the battery is sometimes just depleted whe...

fdimeglio by Honored Guest
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Streams are down for this viewpoint?

trying to watch the FIFA from Canada.its not in oculus venues, maybe rights are USA only.I logged into fox sports with my ID from my us cable account (we have a US residence with cable), and get streams are down from this viewpoint? Is it geoblocked ...

Whats the most unusual place/situation you used the GO?

I've used the GO on the toilet, in bed and even broke skin once (after walking into a cupboard while trying to get to the kitchen without taking it off). However, it was while I was waiting to see the Doctor (while simultaneously in another reality) ...

wifi speed non-existent

My Galaxy S6 has ok wifi speed, enough to watch online videos, but in the same location the Go is so slow it takes 3 minutes to load a page of text. Online videos don't work at all. Any suggestions please? Thanks!

Is it ok to buy Oculus Go from Amazon.com if I live in Europe?

I live in Cyprus which is not one of the countries listed on the Oculus site for purchase of the Oculus Go. Is it ok if I buy from Amazon.com or should I wait for a European version? I can't find on any European Amazon yet. Will there be any compatib...

AG8O by Honored Guest
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Not all Oculus movies purchased are available in Oculus Rooms

Just a heads up on this.I saw movies in the Oculus app for purchase and thought I might try one to see how it worked.Could be fun to invite someone to watch a movie in Oculus Rooms. And I was glad it was in the app because browsing for movie in Rooms...

desiv by Adventurer
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How to view large photo?

I'm taking a lot of photos with Insta360 Pro.Its resolution reaches 12000 x 12000 and gallery will crash when opening it.Is there an app that can handle such images?Thank you.

yutoVR by Explorer
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Unity App Only Working Once On GO

I'm having a weird issue where a sideloaded Unity app will work fine the first time you launch it, but if you exit to the home screen and then try to run it again it just hangs on a black screen. Only way to get out of it is to reboot the headset.I'v...


I tried streaming Blue and it was distinctly stuttering. Same with Space Explorers. Is 25 mbps not enough for streaming 360 content? What are your experiences?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Higher bitrate video causes sped up playback?

I've been experimenting with bitrates and the effect on video quality. As I up the bitrate my Go (and others) occasionally play at higher than 1x speed. You can hear it in the audio also. I can "fix" it by pausing or restarting. Seems a bit random. V...

Oculus Go and 6DOF using Nolo CV1

so, I watched the YouTube review of an Oculus Go modified to use the Nolo CV1, giving the Go 6DOF capability.its a fair review and shows what the Go is capable of, BUT, it will require Oculus to work with Nolo to make the interface easier without the...

Oculus web browser in your VR app

Hello All,I'm looking at implementing a web browser in my mobile app (gearVR/oculusGO) , is there any way of importing (api access) the oculus web browser into a custom app or what would the best method be to create one from scratch. I'm not looking ...

Zubz by Explorer
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Dust or dead pixals on screen.

I have either dust or dead pixals on my screen, its really annoying anyone else having this problem? Is there a fix for this, I really do not want to have to return it.

Oculus Go "stand-alone" requires a mobile phone... pfff....

I just go Oculus Go, and now after starting it up first time it says it requires a mobile phone.I just got this because I didn't want to use my mobile phone for VR.I'm very confused, it clearly states "STAND ALONE". Which means I should be able to us...

EarlGrey by Expert Protege
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Resolved! Oculus Go using 3ds Max & V-ray 3.6?

Hi,I am new to the VR community and would like to purchase the Oculus Go so I can showcase architectural 360° stereoscopic renders.To render I use 3ds max 2016 and the V-ray 3.6 plugin.I have a few questions and need advise on how to get started...1....