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Forgive me if this has been asked and answered before but is there any info available as to whether MC will come to the OG? TIA

ukasm by Level 2
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Glasses of my Go striped. Solution ?

Hello,I've striped the left glass of my go (probably with my glasses) however, I was very careful ...Do you think it is repairable? Is it covered by the warranty? If no, where can I take a glass alone? Is it possible to find protection for glasses ? ...

kamekaz by Level 2
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Oculus rooms with strangers

Don't have any friends that have the GO so can't really enjoy the movie or game rooms since it appears they have to be on your FB friends list.(Am I understanding this right?)Is there a way to join an existing room where movies or games are being pla...

Apps that need location data can't get it...

In particular:Pocket Observatory and Star Chart. Both have location data enabled in the app permissions, but neither is able to get it. Ergo, neither can set your position properly. Which renders them - well, considerably less useful.I've filed a sup...

tommet by Level 5
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Returns policy

I'm in the UK & thinking of buying the OG. Can anyone tell me what the returns policy is for the OG, please? Sorry to ask on here, but it seemed quicker than searching the whole site to find the answer. Thanks.

merv60 by Level 4
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Youtube TV - Browser- DNS - Error

Good day, guys, Ok, so I know Youtube tv is not supported yet. But I figured I would be able to use it through the browser for now. However, it seems to give me DNS error. URL: http://tv.youtube.comSo what I think happens or Oculus maybe doing is a c...

Discomfort in right eye when using the GO

So I recently received my GO and it is brilliant, I love what it has to offer. But after even 10 minutes or so of using it, I've noticed a dull out of focus achy/burning sensation crops up in my right eye. I've also noticed that one eye always seems ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Audio crackling + sped up

Hi,So I'm having a strange bug with my audio (I have turned off the audio completely for now but I could still hear it on the cut scenes).Basically all the audio in the game has crackling all the time and all music and voices are sped up (meaning in ...

How to access my smartphone (S7) 360 videos?

I tried to play my own 360° videos which are on my Samsung S7 in 4K H264 mp4 format .But the Oculus gallery and Oculus Video cannot access the videos on my phone (in the same WIFI).Does anyone have hints how to solve this?Thanks - Tilman

Go with iPhone and Mirage Cam

Just a note: Make sure you turn off the iPhone optimized photo settings so you have the full photo/video file on your iPhone. All works well with the Go. Just amazing! Great Product.

Oculus Go Controller won't move/stuck in space

I got an Oculus Go on Sunday, and it worked well for two days. Today, the controller wasn't pairing, and when I un-paired and re-paired it, it wouldn't move right. It's like it's orbiting around a fixed point near my elbow. I can point it just fine, ...

Broken display on new unit

I took delivery of an Oculus Go yesterday. All seemed fine when I initially turned it on, but after going through the setup on my iphone the screen on the Go seemed to 'glitch' and now won't turn on. I powerdown and turn the device on, and hear the m...

Audio crackling

Anyone experience audio crackling in some experiences? It was terrible in Welcome to VR, I've also experienced it in the bedroom scene in Face Your Fears and a few random other apps, but where it occurs it's reoccurring. When I first experienced it I...

How to run background apps?

Is there any possibility to run apps in the background? Examples: - Playing Music from local files, media servers, or internet radio streams in the background, while surfing the web, or reading a book, or comic - Showing an always present clock in on...

gotgalf by Level 5
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Oculus Go doesn't detect captive portal

I tried to connect the Go to the company's guest network, that has a captive portal, where you must confirm that you read the terms of use, before you're connected to the internet.I used the android app to connect the Go, but after a while, it showed...

gotgalf by Level 5
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Oculus Go UI updates...

Hi Guys,A Quick feedback from initial tests of the Go!(Great Build Quality! And a perfect mobile companion when on the move.)Please add 24HR Clock format!And a way to see how much Storage you have used and whats left on the device!Then we need a orie...

JohSm67 by Level 7
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360 video content?

I did the audio for Jaunt’s “Invisible” series a few years back. I know that the Jaunt app isn’t available for Go yet, but are there any apps that offer 360 video content like this? I’m talking about narrative, not being in the middle of a jungle or ...

arpunk by Level 2
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Controller issues

Have Samsung vr with controller that came with it and works. Purchased oculus go snd this controller that came with it does not support 50% of games i used on Samsung vr controller. For example game say click on start and go controller does not do an...

Setting up Oculus accounts on Go & Rift

I am new to Oculus devices and VR having purchased a Go this week and Rift several weeks earlier. Should we setup our new Go under a different Oculus account than the Rift, so that a player on the Go can participate in a multiplayer experience with a...

mrdcm3 by Level 2
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Oculus Go | IPD?

Hello! So, I know there is no IPD adjustment on the Go but are there any hardware hacks to address this? I had a PSVR and it had a software-based IPD adjustment but I know that doesn't exist either on Go. (I wrote support but of course they won't com...

Which subscription to buy: Netflix SD or HD?

I wonder if the Oculus Go supports Netflix HD, or is it enough to get the SD subscription?Another question: in regards of copying videos on the „Go“ which would be the highest resolution (i.e. 720P, or 1080P)?Best regardsAlexanderMunich

Charging Heat

My Go is warm to the touch after being on charger all night. Is there any problem leaving Go on the charger while not be used?