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Any plans to allow bigger geometry import (not Stamps)

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I work in architecture and I was able to import a large brush of my 3D model. Are there any plans to allows bigger geometry imports (or bigger brush sizes?) anytime soon? The ability to import a 3d model, make modifications and expert it has huge implication for architects, even if it is only for small rooms.

Thank you!

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Yes, we do have plans to allow importing of models. It's high on the list with reference images, move tool, and recordings. We're plugging away but we should have info on the next release soon.

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@MattHickman That's an awesome To-Do List, so glad you're listening so well to the community 🙂

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Thanks for the update Matt, I'm really looking forward to the move tool!

I'm also very happy to see that you guys are continuously updating the software, a special thanks for that.

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This is amazing news for our office and the architecture industry! I'm extremely excited to start using this feature, not as a "hack". :smiley:

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Hi Samuel 

Do you use Oculus Medium for architecture?

I’m a architect myself and interested in knowing more about this subject 🙂

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Yes, I found a way to make it work with Revit. It's a weird hack and I can't really talk about the project until it is released later this year. Basically it's a pain to do straight floors and stairs in Medium, so I do them in Revit and then link the Medium file in Revit. There's a whole process and it's a giant pain, haha.