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Level 12
So as I mentioned, I'm going to be learning to sculpt in meatspace for the next few months. In preparation for this I've been watching all manner of youtube vides of people sculpting clay and cast moulding and even sculpting stone and marble and shit. Something I never realised is that marble is usually carved from a ref clay with a big set of comedy callipers used to check the sizes.

Meanwhile here's me doing my nut in trying to get my Alan Moore to look right. They do say necessity is the mother of Frank Zappa or something...

Level 7
Whoa, awesome workaround! Really good idea.

Good luck with your meatspace learning! I started a class last month and holy moly is it equal parts satisfying, and deeply frustrating! I'm really loving being in my beginner's mind... as well as just throwing clay around :smiley:

Level 12
@jessicazeta good to hear someone else digs it. Hopefully I will too.

Beginners mind is an awesome phrase. I try to keep mine switched on at all times. So far I've mastered one discipline in my life and I only accomplished this after I learned that every day is a learning day.

If I'm going to rack up sculpting as number 2 on the embarrassingly short list of things I'm a goddamn ninja at then there is much new stuff I'ma have to wrap my beginners mind around. 

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woah great idea man! Care to share those images?  :#

Level 12
@FrozenPea Tranny is a mess cos I couldn't be arsed splining it and I don't have the ruler one handy not sure if I'll even bother using it but it's easy enough to find on google images