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Can you add 3+ key light photo mode please?

Plese before we talk go to this frame in the timeline and listen what he say at: 1:07:37

basically he takes 3 or more photos and then blend them in photoshop. I wish to ask you if you can add 3+ key lighting in real time instead than only one, this would be a game changer please! for people who love photography "scuilpting light" would open the mind to new roads! :smiley:


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I think last time this was mentioned they said it would impact performance too much and rendering isn't there main focus, as there are lots of other pieces of software you can take the sculpt into and render like Marmoset Toolbag, which seems to be really popular here!

Edit: I forgot this was mentioned on the last live stream, and they said 'stay tuned' so they must be working on something 🙂 I'd imagine it will be in one of the next big updates! 

Cross fingers! Playing with lights is so awesome it's a very intimate thing and doing this "come to life" momentum in VR would be really awesome, really more intimate and would give a lot of freedom to people who scuilpt.  Light is storytelling, it reveals secret meanings....