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Desktop-mode 2D Model Viewer / Exporter / Uploader (Request)

Level 7
Hey Medium Crew!

So I tend to have this idea all the time when I just get done with a lengthy sculpt and forget to export an OBJ I wanted to or take a new screenshot of a sculpt I forgot to. Call me lazy but it's true lol. I always have the thought: "If I could just startup Medium in 2D real quick to export a model"

All titles in the Oculus Home store in your library when right-clicked have a grayed out option for "Start in Desktop Mode". A select few games actually do have a desktop 2D mode but there are some that I know of like racing games that were also made for 2D.

Now I know Medium wasn't built for 2D and may sound like a step in reverse but wouldn't it be cool to sometime down the road have a Desktop Model Viewer / Exporter for 2D mode with the simplified main menu that Medium already has but would instead use a mouse to navigate in the same fashion for quickly exporting and viewing your models in 2D. This also could be a way to upload them without needing to wait to take your headset off.

Just an idea to throw out there for future developments! Happy sculpting!