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Do you use the Medium sharing site to share your work?

Level 8
As we continue to work on Medium and grow the application we're also continuing to work on the sharing site. The community that's formed around Medium both here and on Reddit has been incredible and seeing all your artwork, energy, 3D prints and stories really keeps us fired up. We've seen your posts and requests about the app, and we're working on all sorts of stuff as we speak, but we haven't seen a lot of talk about the sharing site itself. So we wanted to make a casual poll here to see 1) how many of you are actively using the site and 2) what would you like to see from it in the future or if you're not using it, why not? Feel free to comment below and discuss!

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support, we have some really exciting things to share throughout the year! 

Level 8
I'm sure that some sort of central hub is part of the plan. Personally, what I'd like them to shoot for is something akin to Thingiverse.

Level 7
@DeadlyJoe  .. Hell yeah, that's kinda what i was expecting and seems like the most obvious way to go eh..
PC Specs:

Black Box, with wires & some kind of electronicy stuff inside..
oooh it even has lights!! 😃