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Feature Request: Lock Mirror Plane to Sculpt/Center Mirror Plane to center of Sculpt

Expert Protege
Continuing from an older thread as it hasn't been addressed.

I keep having this issue of my sculpt moving away from the Mirror Plane and no amount of adjusting coordinates solves this.

It would be great to have the option of locking the Mirror Plane to the sculpt and also center the Mirror Plane to the center of the sculpt in case of accidental misalignment.


Not applicable
Being able to lock layers to the mirror plane would be very useful.   Not sure if possible, but would be incredibly awesome if each layer had its own mirror plane, which could be auto-snapped to the central mirror plane's flat axis

What @DreamShaper said. Being able to pose the components of a sculpt but maintain symmetry would give me a sense of enormous well-being!