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Feature Request - Rigged Character

Honored Guest
Hi there,
I'm not if this would even be possible to achieve but I thought I might as well put these out there as a feature request.

1.After checking out some of the reference meshes it lead me to thinking wouldn't is be handy to be able to have a pose-able (rigged) character(s) as reference mesh?
Something akin to a wooden artist mannequin.
2. I've always found rigging and particularly skin weight painting in Maya to be a real pain so I was wondering as an extension of my first request if it would be possible to import a rigged character (or have some pre rigged characters included in medium) that could be used as the base mesh for further sculpting, and then with the ability to export that rigged character from medium ready for animation or mocap data to be applied to it?

3.If it were possible to have a rigged character as a starting point my next request would be the ability to have some editable parameters, such as height, weight, head size etc.

I'm aware that medium is voxel based and that rigged characters are going to be polygonal so maybe none of what I am asking is remotely possible.. but then again a few years I would have thought that most of what oculus medium can do wouldn't be possible so you never know!
I thought I might as well ask, hoping this might be passed on to the development team.
Olly Balsom

Have a look for Edward Eyth's poseable mannequin. It's not exactly what you're looking for but it's a damn fine half way step.