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Feature request streamlined import/export

Expert Protege
I'm currently using Medium for work, the import method as is, it's very convoluted. From a production standpoint, i almost always export something out to my desktop for example and then bring back into modo/zbrush and i'll delete the file later. 

Having to import into specific folders, then hope medium sees that i dropped something in that folder, for maybe a one time use is very backwards to me. Any artist out there knows what i'm talking about, we wanna get stuff in as quick as possible. Can you mad geniuses at Medium please take a look at this import/export again? i'd love to boot up medium, go to Import, look on my hard drive using explorer (like i believe every other program uses) for my file and then import it. It's just so much more streamlined way of working. 


Rising Star
I think Matt has said that Import/Export streamlining is in the works. I wouldn't be surprised if Dash brings some additional functionality along those lines next month. Everyone agrees that the current I/O path, while usable, is pretty ridiculous. I'm sure it was a low-effort stop-gap measure to give them time to work on the real implementation.

Rising Star
Yup, we know this is a big pain point for folks looking to integrate Medium into their various pipelines, we're actively working on it!

Expert Protege
I have so much faith in medium, i cant wait to see what they do next.