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Help! I'm new and i cant figure out how to paint my sculpture in Medium

Honored Guest
I made what I consider to be a decent spider-man model in medium using clay, its relatively small but thats what i wanted since the plan was to export it to my oculus home. problem is, when i go to paint the details the lines refuse to go clean. it seems like theyre filling in some sort of polygonal map on the surface of the sculpt, rather than truly painting on the sculpt. is there any way around this? or any way to fix it? it looks like a college art project doodled on by a three year old.

Paint and geometry resolution are the same.  When you apply paint, you're changing the color assigned to the voxels, so if you want cleaner looking paint you need to jack up the resolution quite a bit.  The resolution of your sculpt is equivalent to how large the sculpt is relative to the black bounding box of the layer (the more volume it occupies, the more voxels it uses, the more precision you have to see details in color and geometry.)

If you see any screenshots of people's work with really polished looking coloring, materials, or rendering, chances are they exported the model to another program and did the work there.