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How to create base for your sculpt?

I wanted to create a little scene. A little dungeon like bit. Couple of walls, few items and so on, but I can't seem to start very good.
I'm not an artist and I very quickly loose sense of direction when everything is floating around me, so I thought I'll create a "floor" first and hoped that it will help me to keep every thing "straight".

And here's my problem... Is there a way to "stick" my floor to a bottom layer of the area we are given to work in?
I know I can lock my brush to a layer or line but it is still floating.

Hey Rudalpl,

You can pull down on your left control stick to bring up the layer menu. Above your left controller will be the option to add a sculpt layer, and on the bottom left of the shown menu will be the option to rename that layer (to 'floor' if you like). You can move other layers separate from this 'floor' layer while those layers are selected with the scene menu open. You can also turn on the visibility of the scene origin in the settings of that same menu.

This might not be exactly what you're looking for, but I hope it helps. A very easy way to orient yourself is to use both controllers grips and scale your project down into a 'model' version of your scene.

Lmk if I totally missed the mark, I'll try again :smiley:

Mr_Natural thanks for your reply  🙂

I worked it out eventually mainly the way you described.
Just created the layer and filled it with square clay that I switch on and off when needed, it works so far  :smile:
Had to hold my "project" for a bit as I run out of memory. Installed my new 32Gb of RAM yesterday so I shall continue soon.  😉