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Import / export rotation

Im am trying to use Medium for fixing my Photogrammetry models. The problem is that Medium rotates the model and when exporting to texture model again after it has been fixed, the model is rotate wrongly. 

Rising Star
Yeah, we currently lose your object orientation and scale on import. We're working on adding an option to retain this info to make it easier to integrate Medium into your pipeline. 

You can try to manipulate the sculpt origin location and object scale to more closely reflect where it was in your original export. 

We know this is an issue for folks and are working on a solution.

Great, looking forward to it. This tool could really be an option when sculpting from photogrammetry.

Using medium for fixing models from photogrammetry is really really cool and easy. Do you know when this will be added?

You bring up some great points for manually cleaning up your models there. In the mean time your bust will have a resting plate - with a bunch of flat polygons. Use those as a "lay flat" to reorient it in the meantime. Slicer software typically has this (control+l ), but id imagine better software would too.

Once the orientation data is imported, it could be treated optionally like a normal layer - when you view iys transform and rotation it would  have your preapplied rotation  (from your head orientation when you did a copy to clay like you do currently). 

You could then zero out these to get the models natural position.

This made me think too - often i may get trouble where i translate or rotate a model by accident and find out too late after doing heaps of steps or saving and losing the undo chain

These options may be too complex ui wise but:

A way to reset rotation to stock.this is because a created layer inherits your head rotation at layer creation doesnt it? 

A way to reset it back to a user defined point. 

Perhaps these could be hidden in a option click on the lock icon on the layer panel?  I can understand how tricky it is to add functionality without confusing a new user!

Latest release has this feature of not resetting position!! 🙂 AWSOME!